Venus Williams wears a zipper jumper as her Wimbledon outfit


Venus Williams once again made an outfit pushing the fashion limits, only this time in a much better way than her shocking Australian Open 2011 choices and the most of the provocative 2010 season dresses. The American five-time Wimbledon champion (2000, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2008) cruised into the second round 6-3 6-1 without facing a break point against Akgul Amanmuradova in a white EleVen clothing item with a dominant zipper in the middle.

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When I first saw it I first called it a thing, because it is not a dress, it is not a two-piece outfit, but Venus herself later clarified the situation:

It was a jumper. Jumpers are very now, as is lace. The shoulders have a lot of draping, which is also in the moment. It’s just a trendy dress. It’s fun. I’m really into zippers, so it has a focal point of a zipper in the front. And the back is a cut-out, or a peek-a-boo. It’s just fun.

The outfit is not really photogenic. In some photos it looks like a kite or a tent. But it is interesting, and much better than the dresses in which she looks almost naked.

Venus’ opponent in the second round of Wimbledon will be 40 years and eight months old Kimiko Date Krumm, whose first-round victory made her the second oldest player ever to win a round at Wimbledon. It will be their first meeting.


  1. I have mixed feelings about this dress- I love it’s design and it looks interesting, BUT this is something i’d wear on a party at the beach. It’s pretty (although really un-photogenic, which is shame), but to me it doesn’t look so good during the play, and it’s just not for sport at all.

  2. on times of dresses with LOT (sometimes excesive) details and skirts is good to see venus innovating with this model! My favorite outfit ever is 2008 masha’s that was also very different!!

  3. Cherry, you’ll have to wait for that one 🙂
    On the other hand, compared to the AO dress this one is refreshingly normal 😛

  4. Good to finally see her in something that kept her butt covered (2010 RG) and something that she didn’t have to keep adjusting (2010 U.S. Open).

    Overall I liked the jumper as it’s innovative and didn’t hamper her play. Glad when she took that big necklace off. Luv’d the ring she was wearing.

  5. The strange jumper hangs badly in the front, Maybe the zipper is weighing it down. Perhaps the material is too heavy. I hope it’s comfortable as it’s a distraction and doesn’t look good. Agree it’s good that it doesn’t hamper play and that Venus doesn’t have to play with it.

  6. Venus fly trap…that’s what I can say after seeing her cut out back with the flying flaps. She has an outrageous fashion sense and doing a Lady Gaga in the tennis court. I am not off for Venus doing different but she put me off this time.


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