Just in time for Wimbledon: coach Dan teaches the volley on YouTube with salsa

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I am always glad to get back in touch with the very first company who approached and supported Women’s Tennis Blog as early as 2007 – Own the Zone. They have released a fun instructional video on how to volley and I thought it would be nice to share it. Press release follows.

Coach Dan Aronovic released his second free tennis lesson video on YouTube this week just in time for Wimbledon. His newest video, called the Tennis Volley with Salsa, is a short, funny and entertaining lesson on how to play the net in tennis. It will be followed by a 30-minute tennis lesson for download in the coming week, which provides drills, tactics and winning points at the net. This strategic tennis lesson will require a small fee of $9.95 for download. The Tennis Volley video can be downloaded from www.otzsports.com.

The volley has become a ‘lost art’ in tennis, with most pro players slamming the ball from the backcourt”, Coach Dan said. “But as Wimbledon shows us, more players will come to net because of the low bounce on grass. My volley instruction is modeled on the classic volleys of players like Billie Jean King, Stan Smith, Margaret Court and John Newcombe. I wanted to pass on this lost art of the volley to the current generation.”

“The idea of reaching a wide audience is exciting, and the internet is a wide-open teaching forum”, remarked Coach Dan. “The lessons I have given to my private students have worked very well as I try to simplify the tennis strokes so everyone can do it. I am happy to say that I have received thousands of positive comments about my Tennis Serve video from all over the world.  This doesn’t replace a private tennis coach, but it does provide a thorough explanation for those players who want a different approach to hitting the ball.  My affiliation with Own the Zone who make the very popular OTZ band vibration dampener allows me to get my instruction out to the masses.”

Own the Zone hosts the Coach Dan videos, sells the OTZ band vibration dampeners and the technically cool Rudy Project sunglasses. Band dampeners are used by Maria Sharapova, Andy Roddick and teenage tennis star Bernard Tomic. The Tennis Volley video can be found at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ulit8A_LK4s and on the Own the Zone site as well at www.otzsports.com.


  1. This is one of the most enjoyable and informative tennis tutorials that I have seen! Thank you for posting.


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