Caroline Wozniacki dating Rory McIlroy?


A tennis blogger (Omes_Tennis) was casually sitting in a London restaurant on Sunday when she spotted world No.1 Caroline Wozniacki and 22-year-old golfer Rory McIlroy. Little did they know there was an excited blogger next to them, spreading the sighting on Twitter.

Caroline and Rory were sitting next to each other and later they were seen hugging. There is photo proof as well and it looks like they are dating.

Wozniacki has been active on Twitter since, but didn’t mention the date, which is, as Forty Deuce says, “confirmation by omission”. 🙂

Caroline turned 21 on July 11 and Rory wished her a happy birthday on Twitter. Caroline is confident and direct and she kind of invited herself for a drink with him.

We can be pretty sure that Rory is Caroline’s boyfriend, thanks to Omes Tennis‘ photos and text reports. However, an issue occurred. The motherblogger with both neutral and fanatic sides, as Omes Tennis describes herself, started feeling guilty of spreading the news about someone’s private life and later she deleted the sneak photos. However, they had already found their place on numerous websites and the damage was already done, if it is damage at all, the photos are not compromising or anything. I am not posting the photos here only because Omes Tennis decided to delete them and I haven’t asked for her permission. However, we all know what happened.

(photos: Ed McDonald, Ralf Reinecke)


  1. I was about to write that the person who tweeted that was quite irresponsible making up a sensation based on so little but I am glad she realised her mistake. People should respect others´privacy.

  2. I find it hypocrite from all those bloggers to say that we don’t publish the photos because it’s privacy blah blah blah but here is the full story including the tweets. That being said, I’m the first one to love the story!

    Poor Caro! If you put everything together:

    – Caroline was desperate to get a man (single at 21, that’s pretty normal)!/CaroWozniacki/status/74216037511475200

    – Probably first date, first kiss as they met two weeks ago, and the place is like we just found a spot (not a trendy restaurant for millionaire)!/CaroWozniacki/status/87302482874736641

    – She didn’t tell anyone (especially the parents) what she was doing after the photoshoot!/CaroWozniacki/status/93017693074096128

    and it’s all over the place! Well, that’s the price to pay for being a star.

  3. in argentina is very very but very comun to publish private life and private photos about famous people! We love the QUILOMBOO!¡

  4. Even if there are no photos the story is there and even if everyone deletes it now it’s too late. So I have nothing against sharing the photos and the story, but since the blogger deleted hers I was like ok I will not do it either.

  5. So if she is giving a guy a hug then she must be dating him? C’mon they are probably just enjoying each others company, doesnt mean they are dating.

    Funny how people make a story out of the smallest things lol 🙂


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