Venus Williams continues to shock with lace dresses

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Venus Williams is still coming up with, hm, questionable designs for her tennis outfits and she’s still a fan of lace and zippers, this time combined. In her 6-4 6-3 victory over Vesna Dolonts in the first round of the US Open, Venus sported a black dress which looks cute in the front, but when Venus turns her back your eyes pop out.

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The black dress has a white lace in the back adorned by a pink zipper!

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At Wimbledon, the last tournament Williams played before the US Open, the American fashion designer and tennis champion sported what we called a zipper jumper outfit, and last year at the French Open she worked a lace dress with a nude color shorts which grabbed all the attention.

Because of a viral illness Williams returned to full practicing only last week. Actually, the US Open is only her fourth tournament this season, after the Australian Open, Eastbourne and Wimbledon.


  1. Let me guess, Venus designed this dress as well? It looks horrible and I’m embarrassed for her once again.

  2. i have to say that on the front this dress looks good! But when you see the back…OMG!! What an horrible dress! I want to see what venus prepared for us for her 2nd round match hahaha!
    Pd: caroline was right when she decided not to wear the bra that goes with the dress! I like the dress with a simple bra as the one she used today! Is very similar as kirilenko’s 2008 wimbledon dress! What you think?

  3. I suppose Venus will have another dress for the second round and I expect something of similar style.

    As for Kirilenko’s and Wozniacki’s dresses, so many Stella dresses are the same!

  4. Venus’ dress is not only horribly designed, but it doesn’t suit her body at all, really unflattering, from front to back. She just needs to stop looking trashy and cheap. As for Caroline, I agree- this bra is better. But i want to see that dress in yellow.

  5. Mirjana, the yellow dress is wonderful, I would’ve never opted for white one, just doesn’t make sense.


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