Caroline Wozniacki on compatibility with boyfriend Rory McIlroy

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Now that we’ve seen the kiss and read Rory McIlroy‘s statement that we can call Caroline Wozniacki his girlfriend, Caroline revealed the things she enjoys in the relationship with her golfer boyfriend – they are both professional athletes and each of them has something the other one is yet to achieve. The slamless Wozniacki would like to match the 22-year-old Rory’s US Open title.

I’m definitely trying to keep up. He has something I’m looking for and I have something he’s looking for. He wants to be number one, so it’s good to have something on each other.

The 21-year-old Wozniacki, who has been on top of the WTA rankings for 46 weeks, was more keen to answer questions about her love life than about her status of a No.1 without a Grand Slam title.

I think we should move on. Ask me about something else, something more interesting.

The top-seeded Dane cruised to the second round of the US Open with a 6-3 6-1 victory over Nuria Llagostera Vives and her next opponent will be Arantxa Rus of the Netherlands. (source: BBC, photo: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. These Caroline’s replies annoy me so much. She doesn’t mind answering stupid and completely irrelevant questions about her love life and her new boyfriend, but she minds when they ask her about the most important thing in her carrier.Very professional.

  2. Mirjana, I can understand that Caroline is fed up with that same old story of the lack of a Grand Slam title.

  3. Marijana, seconded! I agree 100% The other thing is that Caroline does not really have the personality to back up what she is trying to do. People ask boring questions, because they are asking a boring person. She can’t complain about that! She is very unfunny when she seems to be trying too. She is not Petkovic…she should stick to simple questions and getting a plan B

  4. What is she supposed to say though? I’m not a huge fan, but they keep badgering her about her style of play and being too defensive. Yes, she hasn’t won a slam, but she is well aware of that. How many different ways can she say ‘I’m a consistent player with no real weaknesses and no real weapons’.

    Give the girl a break.

  5. This woman needs to wake up! She is wasting her whole career away. She needs a new coach without a doubt and to change her game. She has all the talent right there. What a shame. Change your life and your tennis career and not the subject. Avoiding the subject does not make it go away!

  6. Lads and lasses, give the poor girl a break. You are cynical about those “irrelevant” matters, like who she might marry, yet you are so keen on her tennis. Right now she is making plans for life. Potentially 60 year plans. Tennis will only last her another 20 years maximum. So get real. If she weds McIlroy then why would she need a 20 year tennis career.

  7. Rory just bought a $10 million dollar home in Palm Beach Gardens,FL, home of the Williams sisters, as well as 4 other pro golfers. Could it be that Wozilroy will share this posh nest?

  8. Jeanius, they will certainly spend some time together there, but I don’t think they will officially move in together just yet. Actually, they even count since they’re both traveling all the time.


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