Caroline Wozniacki no match for Serena Williams’ power game

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Caroline Wozniacki can remind us of her amazing number of titles and matches won, but that will do little to silence the ever-more-annoying yet understandable criticism of her occupying the number one ranking. In her first meeting with Serena Williams since she overtook the top ranking from the American, Wozniacki had a perfect opportunity to show that her defensive game works against everyone, but that was far from the truth. Instead, the Dane was humbled by Serena’s intimidating first serve and power tennis, and will finish yet another season without a Grand Slam title.

Not long ago Serena was hospitalized for blood clots in her lungs and this US Open is only her sixth tournament after almost a year-long absence with injuries and health problems, but the 13-time Grand Slam champions needs no warmup – of those six tournaments she won two Premier-level titles and is now in the final of the US Open without dropping a set on the way. Her 11 aces in the semifinal, and 34 winners to Wozniacki’s five, could only leave the Dane awe-struck.

Wozniacki is known for being strong and not letting the critics take away her pleasure in enjoying the top ranking and great win-loss record, and unfortunately, she will still need lots of good verbal defense after being blown away by Serena 6-2 6-4 in the US Open semifinals.

Serena’s last obstacle to her fourth US Open trophy will be Samantha Stosur, who defeated surprise semifinalist Angelique Kerber 6-3 2-6 6-2. The 92-ranked Kerber started nervously but didn’t let the semifinal finish straightforward, taking the second set from Stosur before permitting the Australian to take a 5-0 lead in the third set. The world No.10 Stosur, who had a rollercoaster ride to reach the semis, said that she realized her dream by reaching the final of the US Open, after twenty years of tennis career.

Stosur played the final of Roland Garros 2010 and lost it to Francesca Schiavone. Williams leads Stosur 4-2 in career meetings, and her most recent victory was this year in Toronto final. They met later at Cincinnati, but Stosur advanced with a walkover. (photos: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. For some reason, I think that the only player who can match Serena when she is playing good is Jankovic. Of course, when she is in form,too. Their matches are always full of drama. 🙂
    As for Caro, she wasn’t in her best form this tournament,she was lucky with the draw and that silly Petkovic, but she would lose this anyway.Serena’s motivation is just too big to let any surprise happen.

  2. It’s not just power. Serena plays smart and with great focus. Her power gives her an advantage, but so does her intelligence. She does not get enough credit for being a smart player. And you can’t get a position to win 14 Grand Slam titles if you don’t play smart.

  3. everybody knews that serena was going to win that game easily! No one should be surprised! Serena is one of the best tennis players in history and caroline is one of the others..she never believed that she cou.d beat serena! However i think caroline has a good tournament! Sf for her is ok..not for a n1 but for her yes! She was not favorite!

  4. Anyone who doesn’t think Caroline deserves her #1 ranking doesn’t understand tennis. Caroline soon will have held that #1 position for an entire year!! Who else has held it that long in straight weeks?

    And Serena – ban her from The US Open for at least next year. She is disgusting and an example that no child should ever be exposed to. This is her second offense at the open. John McEnroe defended her AGAIN. Ban him from women’s matches. He is so gender prejudiced! Serena is the only woman player he likes and he compares her to the men.

    All hail the Aussie!!!!!!

    Let’s move on to Tashkent where Alla is defending her first title and Quebec.

  5. John…this was hardy a major offence worth making a fuss over…if you think Serena, the best player of her generation, should be banned YOU clearly nothing about tennis.

    And FYI, Caroline has not held the rank for a consecutive week, Kim held it for two of those weeks.

  6. Sam, do you know that Serena is on probation from her actions at the Open in 2009? Yes, it wasn’t as bad as in 2009, but being on probation means that she should now receive what her original punishment should have been, a ban from playing the following year. Think what you wrote – because she is the best player of her generation, the rules should not apply to her. That is exactly the problem – she also thinks that way. So instead of getting treatment for her anger management issues, she continues the same behavior.

  7. yes i don’t understand tennis because i think yes, caroline wozniacki didn’t deserve to be #1 in wta,, what kind of tennis she played when she can’t even get any winners in the 1st set against serena???????????????

    i’m sorry to say this but what kind of tennis u show us when the point you get is not from ur winner but from ur opponent unforces error? so do u have to wait ur opponent make some errors so u can get some points too? what kind of tennis that? specially from number 1???

    for me caroline is just so lucky becoz when she got her #1 rank there’s no other out there. i mean other like kim, justin, serena, venus, maria, amelie,,

  8. Caroline is a solid tennis player, but not more then solid. She is an opportunist. With Clijsters, Serena, Venus playing from time to time, Henin retired, Jankovic and Kuznetsova out of form, she can easily hold top ranking possition.
    It is obvious that Caroline is not great champion. At her age, almoust every great WTA player had few GS titles (Graff, Seles, Hingis, Venus, Serena,..).
    She is defansive, but so is Clijsters (mostly), and Jankovic. And when Jankovic played her best tennis she was far better then Caroline – Hitting winners from defansive possitions. She just had her top form in wrong time. If she would play now her game from 2007. and 2008., she would have at least 2 GS titles. But that is her mistake.
    Caroline plays tournaments where second seed is rank 20. or below, and its a disgrace. I just hope some young good players will appear, and bring some order on WTA.

  9. Caroline will never win great slam as long as dopers play in these tournaments too. Being clean and still able to be number one is great achievement. It had to require from her lots of hard work and real telent.

  10. PART of the goal for SERENA in this comeback is to play and win enough tourneys to get back to #1, after that she has nothing left to proove, except write another best seller about this comeback! WATCH and see SERENA methodically wrestle back what belonged to her before the injury – she’s the BEST outthere at the moment!!

  11. “Caroline plays tournaments where second seed is rank 20. or below, and its a disgrace. ”

    Check some facts before you write. You clearly have no idea.


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