Samantha Stosur crowns historic run with US Open title, Serena Williams embarrasses herself

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Both Samantha Stosur and Serena Williams reached the 2011 US Open final in an amazing way – Stosur played the longest US Open women’s singles match in the third round against Nadia Petrova, and followed it with a match against Maria Kirilenko which featured the longest women’s tiebreak at any major, then played three sets against suprise semifinalist Angelique Kerber, while her final obstacle was Serena Williams, who hadn’t dropped a set at the tournament and who crushed world No.1 Caroline Wozniacki in the semis.

The favorite was Serena Williams because of all her solid wins in the lead-up to the tournament and at the tournament and because she’s the owner of 13 Grand Slam titles in singles, including three US Open. However, Stosur was focused, put nerves aside, and played a smart all-round game, while Williams overshadowed her tennis with a verbal attack at chair umpire Eva Asderaki which looked really inappropriate and showed Williams’ lack of class.

The incident happened after Williams lost the first set 6-2 in 31 minutes and was facing a break point in the beginning of the second. Williams hit a forehand winner and looked to have saved the break point, but she shouted “Come on!” before the ball reached Stosur’s racquet, and the umpire gave the point to Stosur, which meant Williams dropped serve. Williams was so angry at the umpire and started telling her various inappropriate things, such as that she was a hater and loser (if our commentator here transferred the words well) and that outrage continued through a few games.

At that time, Williams turned her anger into powerful serves and Stosur held back. It looked as if it could be a turning point to Williams’ advantage. However, Stosur returned her concentration and game, went through the rest of the set and won the final with a decisive 6-2 6-3 score.

Williams is under investigation for her outburst, and her 2009 US Open angry tirade, for which she’s still under probation, only puts more weight to the incident.

Stosur can enjoy the time of her life, her first Grand Slam title, so rightfully deserved. She is the first Australian woman to win US Open since 1973.


  1. Hi Marija,

    You had an excellent translator, unfortunately those were the exact words Serena used.

    Firstly, it is a shame this controversy is overshadowing Sam’s win. I live in Australia, and we are so excited about this win!! Go SAM!!

    Secondly, Serena is such a great champion, it was a real shame to see her react like this. I really don’t think she intended to put Sam off, she just got a little over excited before the point was over. Perhaps it’s best to focus on Sammy’s great win!!!

  2. Sam played really really really wel yesterday! Her strokes were soooooo powerful that even Serena had no answer to that.

    And yes, it’s really a shame Serena had an outburst again.. The last time it was shameful, but this time was even worse (imho).

    I really thought Serena was able to use the incident to turn the match around.. But, regarding the misbehaving, I’m glad she couldn’t.

    Congrats Sam!

  3. Glad for Samantha, but, I have to say, I was surprised. Yes, Samantha did play very well, but Serena’s perfomance was bad, her serving was beyond her regular level. As for Serena’s behavior, I really don’t know how long can she continue embarrassing both herself and sport acting like this . Really,really rude, for shame.

  4. On the one hand, i’m suprised how cold-headed Sam was this time, and on the other how Serena played badly in the final. I personally think Sam played better last year in Paris, but congrats anyway. I hope after this win she won’t continue Li and Kvitova’s ”tradition”, but i’m not sure that won’t happen. As for Serena’s outburst, yes, she is a great champion, but with zero class. It’s really embarrassing.

  5. Great win Sam. Had it down before the start as a straight sets win for Serena. I did not think Sam would have the mental strength to overcome Serena. She certainely proved me wrong.

  6. I don’t think Serena was rude. The Umpire could have allowed her to replay the point as she did not shout intentionally. No common sense was used here. I can’t understand why people can’t be allowed to express themselves. Lots of the men tennis players rant at the Umpires but it doesn’t get this headline! I wonder if Serena was of a different make ………
    Go Serena you are the true champion!

  7. I agree with Ann above. I do not think Serena was rude. She is just in her zone and then angry cuz men are allowed to be more than how Serena acted. Ann was right that men’s outbursts do not make the headlines. I am surprised there that you felt Williams was disrespectful. At times, it is hard to be reserved and let things go. She should have been allowed to replay the point. Nonetheless, congrads to Sam. I am American so of course I wanted Serena to win.

  8. sam played amazing yesterday!! Everyone was surprised! Was more than serena in everyway! GREAT CHAMPION!
    Serena’s attitude…well, big champions did not act like her..

  9. Of course she was rude. Yes, tennis players, men and women, often argue with umpires but they do not swear or insult them in any way she did yesterday. One thing is being angry, and the other is calling the umpire ugly names. I’m pretty suprised she didn’t get some ban right after that. And this isn’t the first time Serena had trouble with shouting during the point. It’s probably unintentional, but it’s rules. Express yourself after the point is over. Besides, Venus’ face during that tells it all.

  10. The women’s final would have been great had Serena Williams behaved like an adult (she is nearly 30 and acting so immature it’s pathetic). Her behavarior managed to suprisingly keep out the profanities (unlike 2009), but when she suggested that the chair umpire Eva Asderaki was the same 2009 umpire (Louise Engzell) that ‘had it in for her’ was ridiculous. Yes Serena it’s a BIG conspiracy all the US Open chair umpires are against you. Her behaviour once again overshadowed a great event, and when the camera panned to her family they didn’t even applaud when Samantha Stosur won. They all need some class. Well done for keeping yours Samantha. You EARNED it! PS: The $82,000 2009 fine and probation for Serena clearly didn’t teach her anything either. Grow up.

  11. Its about time,the USTA addressed verbal abuse on slam courts. The hate I saw on court Sunday, was a repetition of 2009. No question Serena is the best of all, but being the best carries with it a certain resonsibility, to teach the kids coming along behind her. If this goes on tennis courts will not be pleasant places.
    Hell, even at 3.0 one can be penalized for much less than what she has done, and hers in the most public media no less…

  12. Its about time,the USTA addressed verbal abuse like what happened with Williams yesterday 9/11/2011. In most sports she would have be thrown out of the game.Williams is a great player, but this is not her first time Serena has had an outburst, she needs a very stiff fine, maybe the complete winning from the tournament,and some other penalty, since money just is not enough.

  13. Samantha was awesome and did everything she needed to win including showing grace and composure. As far as Serena well she’s a disappointment to put it mildly. How can someone play a game make millions doing so and be ignorant of a simple interference rule. Even the commentators were at a loss, too bad so many aspiring young people had to witness this unfortunate scene almost gangsta like intimidating behaviour very unbecoming a professional.
    The better player and person won yesterday.

  14. @ Mirjana and Mary Haw…. Completely agreed…

    She no dount is a great competitor and a has got a great game… BUt that does not mean that you forget all the manners and start being personal with the chair umpire…
    I would like to point out another thing that Marija missed. Williams did not shake hand at the end of the match with the chair umpire… and she even pointed her racquet and shouted something towards the chair umpire during the second game of the second set….

    I really think she should be banned from Grand Slams for at least a year…
    and i also mean any other player who behaves in this way should be banned as well… If you cant play by rues, then there is no point of playing at all not matter how many trophies you have in your trophy cabinet….

  15. I agree with Ann & Roberta’s point 100%. The only problem I think Serena has, is sometimes learning how to say things, without letting her emotions get the best of her. That does not mean she’s classless, rude or a horrible person. If that’s the case, then we all are classless, rude and horrible.

    I don’t condone what she did, but too many people are blowing this out of proportion. Who hasn’t reacted this way when something didn’t seem right or fair to them? People should definitely look in the mirror and look at themselves before they go judging someone they don’t even personally know.

    Seems to me like no matter what Serena does, she’s always gonna have people with something nasty to say about it. No one says a word when any of the other players have done this. No one said a word when players like Roddick and Federer did it. But for some reason when Serena has rarely done so, people want to treat her like she’s some kind of monster or something. That is such a double standard.

    If you wanna punish Serena, why don’t you punish all the other players that have done the same thing and reacted the same way. If you won’t punish them, then leave them alone and leave her alone. Enough is Enough!!

  16. Serena is a disgrace to her sport, she will never be a true champions , no matter how many tournaments she wins, The Chair was correct and bad behavoir from an overbearing shew should not be tolerated

  17. Djb247365, you said: “If that’s the case, then we all are classless, rude and horrible.” Hmm, I don’t think so. I always try to stay calm and I never use such a language. Serena behaved as if she was in a Jerry Springer show.

  18. Marija, no offense, but no one here, not even you, is a perfect acting person all the time. Sounds to me as if you think you’re better than her, and I hope that’s not the case. Surely she got a little carried away with her words, but then again, who doesn’t and who hasn’t. I’m not justifying her behavior in any way, because she did get a bit out of hand. However, I think you need to pay attention and take a closer look at some of these other players who have been doing this kind of thing for years. No one singled them out or called them all kinds of hideous names. However, when it comes to Serena, she’s always been a target since Day 1…………..I wonder why!!

  19. I’m really happy for Samantha Stosur. I thought when she lost to Schiavone in the French she had let her only opportunity at a major title slip away, but the way she played today was simply outstanding. She dictated points with some amazing forehands and Serena looked a little bit stunned; she is normally the one that does that to her opponents!

    The whole incident with the chair was blown out of proportion, but only because Serena couldn’t let it go and kept her tirade going between multiple changeovers. The cut scenes to her comments about the chairwoman speak for themselves and did more irreparable damage to her image and brand than she can imagine.

    I was reminded of my days in junior tennis when 14 year olds would employ a similar maneuver to try to intimidate you from making your own line call. I know I wasn’t the only one that was shocked to see a so called professional behaving like this on one of the biggest stages in tennis.

    The post-match press conference with Serena was equally painful. She constantly evaded any questions about the incident citing an inability to remember what happened. It looks like she did manage to talk to her PR agent before the conference, because for the first time in her career she gave an opponent credit for playing well, even if it was halfhearted and sounded forced.


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