Serena Williams overshadows stunning US Open run with bad behavior, fined $2000

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Serena Williams has had more than awe-inspiring comeback and she reached the US Open final with all straight-set victories, many of which were very decisive, and she entered the championships match as a strong favorite against Samantha Stosur, but all that admiration Williams’ tennis deserves quickly vanished when she showed utter lack of control and shameful impoliteness in the beginning of the second set.

Stosur had spent a lot of time on the court en route to the final and had never won a Grand Slam title and was therefore an underdog, however, the Australian had a diverse game accompanied by good use of Williams’ missed first serves and she won the first set 6-2. In the first game of the second set, down 40-30 on her serve, Williams seemed to have saved the break point with a forehand winner, but her loud “Come on” before the ball reached Stosur was perceived as a shout in the middle of a point, and chair umpire Eva Asderaki handed Stosur the point and hence the game. It triggered such an anger in Williams, that she started yelling disgraceful things at the Greek umpire. Here’s the video:

It’s indisputable that Serena is very competitive, and she desperately wanted to win, not only because it was a Grand Slam final, not only because it would be a perfect crown to her comeback from almost a year off, but also because she was an American playing for a major title on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in New York.

After a decisive first set loss and a potential drop of serve in the beginning of the second set, Williams was especially vulnerable, and the umpire ignited her apparently bad temper with such a decision. In my opinion, Williams embarrassed herself and overshadowed everything she had done at the tournament. Such a tennis star and role model shouldn’t give herself the right to behave in such a way, even if faced with injustice.

Here’s Williams’ post-match press conference. She supposedly doesn’t even remember what she said to Asderaki.

For the incident Serena has been fined $2000 (she earned $900,000 for her runner-up finish and additional $500,000 for her top position in the US Open Series standings). She does not face further disciplinary action, even though two years ago she had a similar incident with a line judge over a foot fault – in the US Open semifinal against Kim Clijsters.

I’d like to end this article on a good note: fortunately, Stosur kept her cool and continued her game minimally affected by the loud spectators and angry Serena and finished the biggest match of her career with a 6-2 6-3 victory. Also, she was graceful during and after her win, including towards her opponent. (photo: Ralf Reinecke)

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  1. Hey she well got what she deserved! All the grunting crap is annoying enough, but the ‘victory’ shouts and screams are just ridiculous, let alone WELL before a point is even over. Rules are rules that have to be enforced some time, and this was a clear cut case, major final or not. Who does she think she is anyway? Who do the fans think she is? No exceptions! I’m really glad she not only lost the point, but also lost the match. I don’t hate her or anything, she just had to be put in her place for once.

  2. Serena is ugly from the inside, really really ugly. I hate her attitude! She is a disgrace! Not so much as what she said in the video you posted Marija, but in this video where she starts ranting at the umpire with the worst possible attitude. Americans in general have the worst attitudes in tennis (McEnroe, Andy Roddick)-it’s pretty sad for such a “developed” country.

    Check this video out Marija with what she says during the break:

  3. Serena always behaves like a prima donna. It’s time she was put in place. The fine is just pocket change for someone like that. It should be much more, plus a ban of some kind.

  4. In the first place, she should have been banned for life after threatening to shove a ball up a line judges ass (also in a US Open). Instead she got an $80,000 fine (chump change) and a probation. The USTA allows this classless behavior and pretty much gets what they deserve. Two others–Venus and Maria Sharapova–also engage in behavior intended to distract opponents, which is tolerated by the USTA. One announcer pointed out just this year (Brad Gilbert?) that Sharapova doesn’t make all that noise on the practice court. The rules of conduct of the game prohibit such behavior; enforcement should be the norm, not the exception.

  5. What is happening at USTA? You establish a great program for the young 10 and under, yet you allow one of the biggest women tennis stars to act unprofessional with total disregard to the rules, officials and governing body of the US Open. What example does this set for the young? All of the officers at USTA should resign or be impeached for not upholding their fudiciary responsibility. This does not promote tennis! Get a backbone or Get Out!!!

  6. Whilst I agree Serena’s behaviour was totally wrong and out of order, its amazing that your one sided article seems to missed out the fact that Serena praised and congratulated Sam prior to the ceremony, during the ceremony and during the press conference.

  7. МТ, my article is not commenting on Serena’s behavior towards Sam, but Serena’s attitude towards the umpire. And of what use would Serena’s congratulations be if Sam lost as a result of being distracted by the incident, which at one moment seemed possible?

  8. Serena deserved far worse but at. Least she didn’t swear. She has never been a gracious person even toward her own sister Venus, if Venus beat her during the slams. She’s a brat & if she doesn’t get her way she has a tantrum She also mistook the umpire as the one she had trouble with In 2009. To this day she doesn’t think she didn’t do anything wrong then either. She needs to get over herself.

  9. The fine is a joke, it is clear that the authorities are too fearful to give the so-called great what she deserves. They should impose the rest of the original fine.
    I am sure this is not all we have seen from this woman and her hideous attitude.

  10. She is fined $2000 while she earned $900,000. It’s so RIDICULOUS. Compared to the monthly salary of the average reader, it’s even not the price of a parking ticket. Fine her 20% of her total gain (so that she needs to sell her new karaoke to pay the fine), and she will start thinking twice before opening it on the court.

  11. And don’t forget, Eva asderaki is paid $250 per day to be insulted by Serena Williams. Meaning that for her total work during the fortnight, she even does NOT get paid as much as a second-round loser… of the qualifying draw!

  12. Serena needs anger management. The incident 2 years ago was the most distasteful thing I had ever seen in a tennis tournament. She displayed once again her bad behaviour on Sunday. She is really not a good role model for young children.
    I have read on other sites where people have called down Serena and Venus which I have found is very unfair to Venus because she has never displayed bad behaviour. Venus is a lady and a good role model to young children.

  13. Sure she did the wrong thing but people should cut her some slack, not many of us can play as good as any other tennis player so we hav to give a little respect. I mean how many times has anyone of us had a blowup with our friends and collegues? The only diff is that miss williams and ms adreski are player and umpire and that its on tele. People should mind what they say.

  14. Mary Ann, it is precisely BECAUSE she is in public that she needs to be better behaved, or at least be concilliatory, contrite, and most of all appologetic when she isn’t well behaved. She can’t even admit that she was wrong. Most athletes can at least own up and appologize. This last outbust is no worse than your typical tennis player meltdown that you see once in while. But when John McEnroe did these things he was fined up to 10,000 and that was 20 years ago and when tennis players made half what they do now


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