Kim Clijsters’ rehab going well, exhibition in Belgium in December


In her latest blog entry Kim Clijsters reveals that her injury recovery process is progressing well, she’s practicing three or four times a week, preparing for the Antwerp Diamond Games exhibition on December 8 and the 2012 season which the Belgian will open with the Brisbane International which starts on January 2.

Clijsters is working hard with her new coach Carl Maes and new sparring partner Stefan Wauters, and the regime is going to include even more tennis hours. At the same time, her injuries of right foot and stomach muscles are responding well to recovery exercises.

While in Belgium, Clijsters is spending time home with her family, husband Bryan and daughter Jada, trying new recipes in the kitchen, which are optimized for her best tennis results. (via Beyond the Baseline, photo: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. The brisbane field is going to be mouth watering with serena and clijsters and stousr all playinf. Hoping t see a clijsters serena high quality match 🙂 and hope clijsters can come back to winning ways again…


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