Kim Clijsters juggles household with 5 kids, daughter Jada has a boyfriend


Kim Clijsters, the tennis champion and supermom, has been juggling a hectic life in the United States since moving there with her family almost four years ago. Settled in Belmar, New Jersey, the Belgian’s days are filled with the joys and challenges of raising a bustling household, all while supporting her husband Brian Lynch’s coaching career at St. Rose High School and managing her children’s diverse interests.

Kim Clijsters

In a recent podcast with Andy Roddick, Clijsters gave a glimpse into her daily routine, which revolves around her children.

Jada, the eldest at 16, is eager to start driving with her new permit. She is deeply committed to basketball and finds joy in her school life. Clijsters also shared a personal detail from her daughter’s life—she has a boyfriend. Time truly does fly! It feels like just yesterday when Jada was born, and I vividly recall the adorable 2009 US Open trophy ceremony photos, where Kim celebrated her Grand Slam victory as a mom of a toddler. Now, Jada is not only close to adulthood, she’s already a little bit taller than Kim!

The tennis legend, a four-time Grand Slam singles champion and former world No.1 in both singles and doubles, is also gaining recognition as the mother of a promising basketball talent. Last year, at the U.S. Junior Nationals in Richmond, Va., Clijsters was on her way to support Jada, when a college basketball coach and avid tennis enthusiast approached her, saying: “I just want want to introduce myself. I’m not even allowed to introduce myself because I’m actually here to see your daughter, but I’m a huge fan of you and I didn’t even know that you were your daughter’s mother so what a cool story.”

Clijsters’ ten-year-old son, Jack, is a basketball player with a passion for theatre, showcasing a vibrant personality. The youngest, Blake, born in October 2016, is always well-meaning in his efforts to help his family, however, he is clumsy and often spills liquids or breaks items, which has earned him the nickname “Wreck-It Ralph.”

Adding to the lively household are two Belgian-American children who play for Lynch’s high school basketball team! With five minors at home, Clijsters’ days are a whirlwind of laundry, cooking, cleaning, and the myriad tasks that come with managing a large family.

It’s all about simple life for the Tennis Hall of Famer in the United States. As it was revealed in one interview, she enjoys going to a grocery store where nobody really knowing who she is.


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