Rory McIlroy’s former manager suspicious of Caroline Wozniacki’s role in the split?

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Caroline Wozniacki’s successful golfer boyfriend Rory McIlroy on Friday announced a split with his long-time manager Chubby Chandler.

The manager, admitting his hurt, thinks that McIlroy’s love partner could have influenced the shock decision:

I don’t know whether it was his  girlfriend (world No. 1 tennis player Caroline Wozniacki) getting in his ear or someone else but I thought we were doing a pretty good job, to be honest, and I think that’s how the outside world saw it.

Rory and Wozniacki have been dating since summer. Rory has been supportive of his lady and now he is in Istanbul, where Wozniacki is playing the season-ending WTA Championships. (source Daily Mail via Beyond the Baseline, photo: sr_cranks)



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