Now you can buy Daniela Hantuchova’s charity calendar

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A week and a half ago Women’s Tennis Blog showed you the cover of Daniela Hantuchova’s 2012 charity calendar, aimed at helping HIV-positive children in Cambodia by providing them with appropriate doctors and medicines. Now you can buy the calendar for $21.99 at Tennis Warehouse and enjoy it “not just for what it is, but for what it can do”, as Hantuchova said. We got the scoop into a few pages of the calendar and as you can see the Slovakian is looking fabulous in the Monte Carlo setting.

This is the second time Hantuchova has done this calendar and on her website she noted that improvements can already be noticed, which keeps her motivated to make as much of a difference in the children’s lives as possible. In addition, Hantuchova is sharing a story of how she got involved with this project:

This all started for me a few years ago. My brother’s girlfriend was already doing something in Cambodia, then me and my brother – who is very successful in his business – talked about how we’ve been so lucky in our lives, and that we really wanted to start giving back. So it all just fell into place really…

People in general – including tennis players – often complain about little things, like the hard work, the travelling… but if they came and saw these children for two weeks I think they would change their minds about it all. Helping these children means more than any tennis trophy in the world. These children are what keeps me going.


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