Victoria Azarenka to wear a dress at Roland Garros


As The Slice reports, Nike-clad Victoria Azarenka will switch from shorts to dresses for next month’s Roland Garros. The most successful player of the season is expected to wear the Tie Breaker Knit Dress in orange, while a white version of the item is also available.

The design looks very much like something Nike would dedicate to Serena Williams. It reminds me of Serena’s 2010 Roland Garros dress, because of the pleated hem and lively colors.


  1. Interesting that Nike have chosen a colour scheme for the clay season that blends rather than pops. Usually they opt for blues and greens; this time it’s pinks (Azarenka) and browns (Sharapova). It’s actually a pleasant change. Well played, Nike.

  2. but it’s not very practical, it will blend with the clay as you said so it might be a little complicated to watch on TV. And… what’s with Adidas and those flashy colours this season?! All tennis attire in their stores is in this horrible orange and, while it’s acceptable on Tsonga and some others it’s horrible on Wozniacki and – even more – Murray.

  3. I think tennis fashion is a lose-lose industry for designers. Either way they’ll get criticised for being same-y or for being too out of the box. To be honest, being different is the lesser of two evils; after all, variety IS the spice of life. We can’t ALWAYS have “traditional” tennis colours (like whites on grass or blues on clay).

  4. I like the dress.. I like the colors on Vika as well. I guess designers could never do right for everyone, because everybody has a different taste colorwise. If you hate pink, you hate pink.. If you hate purple, you hate purple. But the nice thing is there are almost always two or more different colors available. But yes, the dress looks a bit like a dress of Serena. But hey, who cares?

  5. The dress is nice but Vika looks great on shorts, and she won many important things with thats outfits!
    I also like the shorts, because it makes Vika special, because none other player wears it.

  6. Liz, I didn’t say it in negative sense that the dress resembles Serena’s style.

    As for the color, I’m actually a huge fan of orange/red/pink on clay. At first glance it may seem as an awkward choice, but it actually looks awesome one red clay.

    Benjamin, I think that Adidas makes the balance between classic and modern. Nike is great as well.

  7. I find Nike outfits very boring these several seasons. Similar design, similar colors… Maria’s line is cool, but to me all the others are just different variation of 1 same thing.

  8. You welcome. Strangely enough, I found this info on some polish website first, but none info about this on french internet…


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