Caroline Wozniacki “sings” for charity, listeners beware!


Help! Caroline Wozniacki released a pop single entitled “Oxygen”. It may sound unbelievable, but this is not a prank! I mean, the track is a total mess, at least in my opinion, and I can’t find even slight resemblance to Wozniacki’s voice. To make things worse, word is out that the video will be filmed as well. Successful athletes spread their presence to various industries, but this “piece of art” is not the way to go.

Good thing is that proceeds will benefit Danish and Polish Paralympic teams, but even the fact that it is for charity can’t force me to look at this song from a bright side.

Since I don’t even understand what “Wozniacki” is “singing”, I’ll use Courtney’s deciphered lines to give you more of the idea of what the song is about.

1. “Come over here so I can touch your body. Don’t make me wait. Don’t hesitate.”
2. “O-X-Y-G-E-N, Oxygen.”
3. “You’re like the gravity that’s holding’ me, it’s pulling babe.”
4. “Yo, what’s your name, Girl?” “My name is Caroline.”
5. “Girl, you’re my match point.” “Boy, you’re my match point.”

I think I need an oxygen mask now! 😛


  1. I have always defended Wozniacki on this blog, but frankly I think that I’m reaching my limit! ;-(

  2. well, if it’s bad now (and it is), then can you guys imagine what it was like before all this auto-tune, digital manipulation thing (really, it’s hardly even a human voice as it is now…). But hey, I’m with Caro on this one, so what if she can’t sing? She did it for a good cause and apparently she has enough of distance to herself to not be afraid of making a little bit of a foul of herself 😉
    And really, it’s not worse than Rolland Garros karaoke, which I love by the way 🙂

  3. My personal opinion is that this song is cute in her own way :)…but i also didn’t understand Caro’s voice :/ and this song should be about sports for Paraolympics teams so why she speaks about touching body etc?!

  4. Jesu Christ, this noise is horrible. Someone mentioned that they have heard worst, I find that hard to believe after this.

  5. Ok, this girl just has to stop with all these off-court activities, somehow they all end up like one big- fail. 😀

  6. They probably thought that a pop song would make more money than something with a charitable motive. I now heard it and they have done far too much editing,it’s as if it was sung by a robot rather than a real person. I think they could do a better job with it.:-)

  7. Maggie, as I’ve seen, the song was removed from YouTube. I read on that she was shooting a video. We’ll see soon.


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