French Open and Wimbledon dresses that Sharapova and Serena will probably wear

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Reader Darragh Egan sent me images of Maria Sharapova‘s and Serena Williams‘ probable future dresses.

For the French Open Nike dedicated this olive and black Maria Statement Set Dress to Sharapova. As for Serena, the Statement Rally Dress she is expected to wear is all green, in three shades of the color.

Wimbledon dresses are, of course, traditionally white, with touches of yellow for Maria Slam Statement Dress, and touches of pink for Serena’s Statement Baseline Dress.

The French Open dresses are not impressive to me, at least in the photos, but I believe that Serena’s dress will look great on her and on clay. Wimbledon dresses I find cute, especially the back of Serena’s dress.

Additional info: Here you can see the orange dress Victoria Azarenka is expected to wear at the 2012 French Open.


  1. Masha’s RG is nothing special, but the color is unusual so it can pass. Her Wimbledon dress seems pretty, though. As for Serena, I really like the RG dress, finally something new, but Wimbledon dress is just like the others she wore too many times.

  2. I love Serena’s RG dress!! Masha’s one is very similar to her last year UsOpen’s night dress, but’s pretty 🙂

  3. I Like Maria’s dresses. They are clean cut and will obviously suit her model physique. I like the Black RG dress because she’s never worn black in Paris plus (she always wins a Grand Slam while wearing Black or White, She wore White in Wimbledon ’04, Black Night Dress at Us Open ’06, and White dress at Australian Open ’08)

    – I love Serena’s Shades of Green RG Dress, it will look great on her. Her Wimbledon dress is boring and plain as usual, and looks like her dresses from other years.

  4. Darragh, the dress may not really be black, though. It is pretty much black, more precisely dark. It could be very dark brown or gray.


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