Wozniacki hires Thomas Johansson as new coach


Remember how Maria Sharapova’s former coach Michael Joyce recently criticized Caroline Wozniacki‘s tendency to let go of coaches too easily? Well, the Dane again has a new coach in her team, the 2002 Australian Open champion Thomas Johansson, and he will stick around at least through the US Open, while he’s already been working with the Wozniacki camp for a few weeks.

Wozniacki’s father explained that they have already set up a plan with Johansson and after Roland Garros Wozniacki will start training with him in Monaco. By the way, the 37-year-old Johansson has another job, as well as a family.

Just like Joyce pointed out in his criticism that Wozniacki needs to give her coaches more time to prove themselves, Johansson said: “We must give it some time. One doesn’t make no miracles in such a short time.” (source: Tennis.com, photo: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. Hopefully, he’ll help her to improve her current situation. It’s quite incredible that she’s very close to be out of top 10 🙁

  2. Well at least she’s doing something about her game, lets see how it’ll work. I personally think her daddy should finally step aside and let real tennis coaches do their job.

  3. Mirjana, her daddy has achieved more with her than many ‘real’ coaches achieved with their players.
    I doubt he’ll ever leave her team.

  4. Yes, he did make her no.1, but that was almost 2 years ago and right now her game really needs a change. I think he should be next to Caroline as support, but just let her new coach to do his job, and then they’ll see what’ll happen.

  5. I’m with Marjana on that one, yeah, their collaboration gave some great results in the past, but since the end of last year, Caro is steadily, but inevitably falling in the ranking. So something needs to be changed, ’cause as they say, it’s an insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Actually, I think that Marion Bartoli is in the same situation.
    This kind of change worked out perfectly for Radwanska. Her dad helped her achieve so much, but when the time came, he stepped aside and let Wiktorowski do his job. And what a great job Wiktorowski is doing both with Aga and Ula!

  6. @Mirjana & @Maggie: Look up my comment, February 15, 2012 | In Caroline Wozniacki,Qatar Total Open. Not to say “I’ve told ya so”, but to say how, and for quite a while already, some things are obvious to us outsiders and, seemingly, way beyond comprehension of them insiders! Voilà.


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