Wozniacki makes the best out of Wimbledon defeat, rushes to watch boyfriend at Irish Open


Caroline Wozniacki lost a Wimbledon opener for the first time in her career and in the post-match press the media were pushing the question of whether her love life could be affecting her career in a negative way, but the Dane’s answer was short and straightforward: “No”. Wozniacki was satisfied with how she played against Tamira Paszek and blamed bad luck for the loss.

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However, right after suffering the upset, Caroline rushed to Portrush, Northern Ireland, to root for her golfer boyfriend Rory McIlory at the Irish Open, alongside his mother Rosie. I don’t think Caroline subconsciously lost just to get to watch her boyfriend, I like to believe she just makes the best out of her time and tries to balance work and love relationships. 🙂

Our guest poster David Fearnhead recently discussed the topic of the curse of the sporting romance, though, on the very example of Caro and Rory. (source: Slice)


  1. I feel like she’s lost her motivaton, probably since she couldn’t win a Slam at the top of her form, and it’s a long way to that form again. And of course, when you have famous boyfriend and ten sponsors, it’s not too hard to loose focus. But i hope she’ll pick up her game sometime soon.

  2. I don’t think that she could not win slams, she just did not have a great luck with the draw. She fought well but this season she just cannot win close matches.

    The way her matches go remind me a bit of Ana’s typical pattern at three-setters: good first set-meltdown in second set- plays well in third set but it’s too little and too late

  3. When I picked the top 10 for 2012, I noted that Wozniacki would not fare so well this year because of her personal life. He is definitely the reason for her play dropping a notch this year.

  4. Everybody has an opinion on a lovely girl’s life. My opinion: your romance is cute, so would being #1 again. Give it a go…Rory thefineboy will still be there. Or not.

  5. i hate to take anything away from her accomplishments, but she like several number 1s before her ie Jankovic, Safina does not have the game to be number one. Now that the women’s field consist more of the power hitters, I don’t think she has another shot at the spot much less a grand slam…
    i read in her post conference interview she mentioned a lot about luck in winning matches, that is not what a player should be relying on, they should rely more on their game to win matches, unlike her game plan of just conuterpunching.
    farewell caroline, it was nice knowing you.

  6. There were several hard hitters who never achieved no.1 rankings and that includes grand slam winners…

    I think her current slump is not caused by the fact she is in a relationship,other players also have partners and do well. In my opinion it is a result of a change in her playing style. Trying to play aggressive game was a big mistake, she should never listened to the criticism she was getting as most of it was driven by the fact she was no.1 and some people just didn’t like it.


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