Serena wins a whole set just with aces in Wimbledon semi against Azarenka, Radwanska next


Acerena, that’s how we can call Serena Williams from now on. In today’s Wimbledon semifinal victory, the American fired 24 aces, the 24th in style, on the match point, that is actually 4×6 one whole set, bettering her personal best of 23 achieved only three rounds ago against Zheng Jie. Serena’s total number of aces at Wimbledon 2012 up to the final is 85, while second-ranked in that department is quarterfinalist Sabine Lisicki with 35. Can Williams’ serving impress you more? You bet she can! Today against world No.2 Victoria Azarenka, Williams hit those 24 aces without making a single double fault! I don’t like using multiple exclamation marks, but I feel like using five at this point.

You remember that in our preview we mentioned that Azarenka’s pre-semifinal stats were 9% better than Serena’s on the net and 13% better on the receiving points won, but today the sixth-seeded Serena lifted up her level there as well, winning 71% to Azarenka’s 73% on the net and 36% to Azarenka’s 27% of the receiving points won. In winners to unforced errors differential Serena was brutally dominant, hitting 45 winners to Azarenka’s 14, and 14 unforced errors to Azarenka’s just 5 less. Final score: 6-3 7-6(6). Williams has now won her last eight matches against Top 2 players, in straight sets!

Moreover, the day before the semifinal, Acerena played two doubles matches alongside sister Venus, won them both to reach the quarterfinal, and today shortly after her win in singles, Acerena got back to the court and celebrated yet another victory with Venus, reaching the Wimbledon doubles semifinal where they will face top seeds Liezer Huber and Lisa Raymond. Every time the Williams sisters play doubles at Wimbledon, one of them wins the singles title. That tradition can very well be continued as Serena takes on first-time Grand Slam finalist Agnieszka Radwanska in the title match.

Actually, the third-seeded Radwanska was the only Top 15 player never to have been in a Grand Slam semifinal, but she cast that spell away at this Wimbledon and even reached the last match of the tournament in singles by eliminating Angelique Kerber 6-3 6-4. Hitting just six unforced errors in the entire match, Radwanska recovered from a 3-1 deficit in the first set to take five games in a row and win the set, while in the second set a sole break in the fifth game allowed Radwanska to establish herself as a victor over Kerber.

If Radwanska wins the final she will climb to No.1 in the WTA rankings for the first time. Given Serena’s serving and experience, few of us believe that can happen, but who knows. Moreover, Radwanska was already the first Pole in the Open Era, male or female, to reach a Grand Slam semifinal, and now she is the first one in the final. (photos: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. Not to take anythign from Aggy, but her draw was a cake walk compared to Serena. Also helps that she didn’t have Vika on her side ot the draw as Vika apparently owns Aggy’s soul this year on tour.

  2. Lol at that Sharapova fan @JohnnyB who predicted that Serena would lose in two easy sets. Haven’t you known the definition of a champion? Champions raise their game in clutch moments. You’ve been fooled by Serena’s shitty play against Zheng and Shvedova.

    Whatever, i hope my girl will remain focused and win on saturday.If not, well better luck next time
    One more match to go, go Jameka

    And to the owner of this blog, GREAT JOB, i really love coming here and see the pre or post match analysises.

  3. Come to think of it, if Jameka wins Saturday, she’ll have won the total of grand slams won by Venus Williams and Justine Henin (7 each, her TWO biggest rivals by far these last twelve years or so.

  4. Go Lea, go Jameka – whoever the two of you may be!
    Now, Lea, as for “Serena’s shitty play against Zheng and Shvedova”: I admire your, albeit unconscious, sense of humour.
    And, Lea, last but not least: I understand your admiration of this blog, what with expressions such as (Serena) being “brutally dominant” (set in type as fat anyone’s arse).
    P.S. Talking of arses: I was delighted by the Hooter’s being kicked today, but I’ll be delighted even more if Serena’s get kicked on Saturday.
    P.P.S. Best wishes to y’all, tennis-lovers.

  5. I love how much the williams sisters are still in and dominating singles and doubles competition in age of 30-31 … Best of luck for the sisters 🙂

  6. Lea, my name is Marija and I’m the owner of this blog. The pre-match analysis were written by guest poster Omair, while I wrote this article and most of the others. I hope to see you at this blog daily. 🙂

    Tulp, Jameka is Serena’s middle name.

  7. I think Serena will win. She has too much power for Agniezska to handle and unlike other players with aggressive playing style, a lot more precision.

  8. Tulp, I am ecstatic that the Wonderful Williams sisters were successful in every way anyone can be at Wimbledon this year. Hope they win many more majors. I am also glad that your racist negativity came back to bite you in the – um- derrierre. Serena, like many fit, healthy black women, does NOT have a “fat arse,” as you cheekily tried to suggest. That is MUSCLE, my friend, not “fat!” Even white women who are professional dancers get a “butt.” Squats and lunges and other exercises GIVE you a butt.


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