Stella McCartney’s fall 2012 designs for Caroline Wozniacki


While we were enjoying Roland Garros and Wimbledon, sports clothing companies were already deep into thinking about how they could impress us this fall. While Nike and Maria Sharapova opted for light pink and black, cobalt and black are dominating the Adidas by Stella McCartney clothes this hardcourt season.  There are tanks, cap sleeve shirts, shorts, color-block skirts and other items, but Wozniacki will of course sport these two semi-fitted dresses with patterned mesh fabric bodice.

What do you think of the new dresses? I find this intesive shade of blue refreshing and I’m glad Stella has departed from the ruffles and fluffy designs. (via The Slice)


  1. I like the blue dress, but I don’t like the black one.. And… it doesn’t look very innovative to me. A bit like the dark grey/yellow dress of 2010 (I guess it was that year)…

  2. It’s the other way around with me; I prefer the black dress. Hopefully she’ll showcase it for more than one round at US Open…

  3. Liz, I thought the same when I saw the dress, it looks similar to the black one with the yellow bra from the 2010 US Open.

  4. For what I’ve heard, Stella isn’t going to be as “special” or “elite” anymore, but better priced and more like the Barricade line of Adidas…. and I must say, with this kind of dresses, you need to price them better, because no one is going to pay 120 euro’s or whatever for this dull designs…

  5. The separates seem more interesting (especially the skirt) and I think the dresses are nice, i think they’ll suit Caroline. I prefer the black version. 🙂

  6. I like this clothes,but that’S true the black looks similar to the clothes from the US Open 2010.And the blue is a little bit similar to the clothes from the Roland Garros 2011.But I like them:)

    I have to say,I like this site very much.It’s allways very interessting.I like the photos about the clothes and the childhood pictures too.I think it would be interessting a post about the WTA player’s boyfriends/husbands.This would be interessting.

    SO I like this site:)

  7. Anastasia, I’m really glad you like Women’s Tennis Blog’s features and that you took your time to share that. The idea about the WTA boyfriends and husbands sounds awesome! I think I can do that! The first moment I get some extra time I will start the feature.

  8. @Liz, yes, I think it’s time for Stella to set more realistic pricing on their lines. To be honest,most of the time Adidas own lines are much better.

  9. I love the color block skirts with the tanks and the BEST part is that, unlike Stella skirts of the past, this season’s skirts have attached shorts hopefully making them more comfortable, practical and affordable to wear!

    The dresses do look like past grey dress and also look VERY LONG!


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