Maria Sharapova’s dresses for US Open 2012


I can’t believe we’re already approaching the last Grand Slam of the season! Sneak peeks of tennis outfits for the US Open started appearing and we already get to see both the day and night Nike dresses from Maria Sharapova‘s collection. The day dress is liquid pink and the night version is solid dark. What do you think?

For all the fans of Sharapova’s fashion, enjoy the complete overviews of her on-court outfits in the past five years:

(source: The Slice)


  1. I am not a fan with the day version because light pink does not go with the brown. It would be better if the brown was a lighter color. The night version need a pattern like the days version. Overall the night version is ok

  2. On her facebook, Maria was already wearing the day version for Head Tennis commercial. I think it’s beautiful and feminine

  3. I love both of the dresses. If I had to pick one of the dresses to have I would pick the night one because of it’s great architecture and tailoring. Maria’s line isn’t about frilly over-skirts and extravagant patterns. It’s the fabric choices,tailoring, and simplicity that adds to the line’s iconic classiness.

  4. Sharapova needs to focus on her game. I can’t beleive shes going to play tennis again after the Olympics… she was horrible.


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