Now we can eat Sugarpova sweets


The launch of Maria Sharapova‘s candy brand kicked-off on Monday and fans of sweets can finally indulge in the tennis star’s latest business venture – 12 varieties of fancy candy called Sugarpova, available exclusively at certain retail outlets, for about $6 per bag. The launch took place at famed Fifth Avenue Henri Bendel.

The look and taste of Sugarpova? According to Sharapova’s website, it’s “chic, flirty, silly, splashy, cheeky, sassy, spooky, smitten, quirky and sporty”, offering “both style and substance”, just like its creator.

The launch has been well-documented at the colorful Sugarpova website, where you can browse through all the tastes and order them online, as well as see many photos and videos from the event.

A portion of sales from the Sugarpova collection will be donated to the Maria Sharapova Foundation.

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Additional info: Maria can never be too busy. Looking stunning in a black dress and strappy high heels, on the same August 20th she appeared on NBC’s “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” show at Rockefeller Center in New York.


  1. Geeze, is there anything Maria won’t put her name to? Let’s get real; they are gelatine based sweets, just like millions which have come before it.

    Not sure what is ‘sassy and sophisticated’ about an artificially coloured sweet.

  2. Carrie, Maria just didn’t put her name on this product, she is part of the company. The CEO is a friend who she has known since she was 11. Maria has been involved since before the company was founded.


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