Jelena Jankovic and Mladjan Janovic break up after four years of dating


I’ve been writing about women’s tennis for five and a half years and this is by far the busiest period regarding wedding/hookup/breakup news. In just a period of a week we had the wedding of Iveta Benesova and Jurgen Melzer, announcement of Justine Henin’s pregnancy and spottings of Serena and Venus Williams with new boyfriends. Also, just three weeks ago we learned about Maria Sharapova’s called-off engagement to Sasha Vujacic, and now we’re hearing that Jelena Jankovic ended her four-year relationship with Mladjan Janovic for pretty much the same reasons as Sharapova’s – career obligations drew them apart.

Jankovic and the handsome Montenegrin waterpolo player met at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, more precisely in McDonald’s, and have since been in a stable relationship, at least according to the information that reached the media, but the fact that Jankovic is traveling the world playing tennis and Janovic is usually in Italy where he plays for Savona has finally taken its toll. The split happened several months ago and it was amicable.

According to Serbian tabloid Scandal, Mladjan spent his summer in Kotor, Montenegro, where Jelena used to be a regular, even before she met him, but this year Jelena didn’t visit the seaside town and Mladjan was seen in the arms of another woman.


  1. That’s a pity for them… I can’t believe I never knew that they met in McDonalds! For some reason the fact that it was JJ makes it quite amusing 😀

    Marine I agree with you that it’s killing relationships. It’s a real shame for the likes of Jelena and Maria. They deserve some happiness.

  2. you may think this is funny, but this is the best news I have heard all day. I know i have no bloody chance to be with JJ. But one can live in hope.

  3. I was thinking about this problem. In order to make it work, one partner has to sacrifice or be less committed to career, like Clijster’ husband, who is a retired basketball player, for example.

    P!nky, haha I hope your day had just started 😀

  4. with where I live, I will need a damn miracle. But have no fear. I will survive, as long as I know how to live, I will survive.

  5. Interesting. I don’t follow JJ’s personal life, but I just stumbled onto this article. This is a blessing. Jelena is far too hot for that guy.

    It is unfathomable as to how any male with a nonzero sex drive and penis could find a way to lose Jelena Jankovic. JJ is the kind of woman who saves on the cost of dish washing soap because meals that a normal man dating her would be served on — and licked from — her butt.


    Not to mention how well rounded and nice of a person she is. Well, I don’t meddle in player’s personal lives. I do wish JJ as much happiness and peace as she brings with her personal example as a human being and professional.


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