Review of Denise Cronwall tennis clothes + 50% sale

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The first time I saw Denise Cronwall activewear, during Wimbledon 2012, I fell in love with the uniqueness it brings to the world of tennis clothing, with her romantic approach to women’s apparel featuring lots of lace, ruffles and different prints (floral, abstract, paisley, etc.). I was lucky enough to get in touch with Denise herself, who turned out to be very cooperative and generous, and receive many items (the ones I picked!), both from her previous and from her 2013 collection.

Now I’m glad to inform you that you can have some of the clothes at reduced prices. Yes, the SALES HAVE JUST BEEN LAUNCHED!

BRA TOP: The surprise feature of the cute bra is that it is reversible, so you practically get two bras in one. I received the grey and black one, while there is also a purple and white version of it. Both the sides of the bra have a nice Denise Cronwall signature on the back. The bra is on sale, $48 $24.

TANK TOP: My favorite Denise Cronwall tank is this four-strap spaghetti Viola Sport Top with built-in bra and it’s on sale now, $58 $29! The tank is available in black and grey, with purple straps on the back and under the bustline.

The CAPRI PANTS and the BLACK PULLOVER you see here are new versions of the previous styles and they will be available online with the new items at the end of the month. Don’t worry, you won’t be lacking in information, I will review clothes from the new collection as well. Those of you who follow me on Twitter have already seen the hints of the skirt and top from the 2013 release.

The YELLOW TANK in the pic above is similar to the available Clay Court Orange Layer Top, but it’s not on sale yet. It retails at $45. However, there are shorts on a 50% sale.

Besides on her website, you can keep up with Denise Cronwall on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you follow her.

Jewelry info: The tennis ball pendant I’m wearing in this shoot is the work of Emily Austin. She makes these by hand, in pretty much all colors you can imagine. Mine is fuchsia, the largest size.


  1. i hear your clothes are the best ever especially xs collection, on on here for the first time, never knew there was anything else expect what little is available in local stores


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