Bartoli can’t settle with new coaches, Gerald Bremond leaves her


After a brief cooperation with Jana Novotna that started ahead of Indian Wells and already during the next tournament of Miami the word was out that the split had happened and that father Walter was seen around the grounds, world No.14 Marion Bartoli hired Gerald Bremond who accompanied her in Monterrey, but only a week into their cooperation Bremond decided to leave, reportedly not being able to handle Walter’s constant influence.

“I stopped the cooperation. I quit. Marion, in my opinion, has one coach: Walter Bartoli, her father,” said Bremond, adding that they split on good terms.

So much for Bartoli turning the page and separating from her father’s 22-year guidance. (via La Gazette Du Tennis, photo: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. @ Tulp
    Why such negativity? Her father helped her to get to the ranking heights that only few achieve. Many professional coaches never get their players to top 10 unlike him.

  2. @Marine: Well, if getting to “the ranking heights that only few achieve” is the only goal of a human being, then I’m glad to admit: my comment is just one big “negativity”.


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