Alisa Kleybanova wins $10,000 Landisville for first title since cancer recovery

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Alisa Kleybanova was struck by Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the spring of 2011, at the time her ranking was No.26, and after a brief comeback at Miami last season, the Russian decided to test her chances at smaller tournaments, which would also allow her to keep her protected ranking and thus enter the bigger tournaments, and at the first such small event she entered, the $10,000 Landisville, PA, held from May 13 to May 19, the 23-year-old went from the qualifying all the way to the title.

After three wins in the qualifying, the former world No.20 Kleybanova recorded five victories in the main draw, dropping just one set in the eight matches. In the final she defeated Natalie Pluskota 6-3 6-0. (photo: chascow)

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