Close look at Nike Wimbledon dresses for Sharapova and Williams


Tennis fashion is flourishing at Roland Garros this fortnight, but Nike is already well-prepared for Wimbledon, the queen of Grand Slams. Actually, back in March when we got a glimpse at the Roland Garros dresses for Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams, we also saw the previews of their Nike dresses for Wimbledon, but now we can have a closer look.

Sharapova will work the Nike Women’s London Premier Maria Flounce Dress. The front part of the straps and the chest area look similar to the Russian’s Roland Garros dress, but the white Wimbledon item has a more feminine skirt with zig-zag detailing.


For her title defense Williams will wear the Nike Women’s London Serena Wimby Dress. Again it’s V-neck for Serena, tank straps and accentuated waistline.

Are you a fan? (via The Slice)


  1. I don’t like the straps of Maria’s dress, I think they are too thin. But the bottom part of the dress looks good.

  2. I like Maria’s dress, but I think Serena’s dresses all look a bit alike the last couple of months. Same top half, same bottom.. only the waist differs.

  3. Liz, true, Serena has been wearing too often those tank straps and deep V-neck. Even in my Fashion Retrospections banner in the left sidebar she has a dress with the similar top.

  4. I like Serena’s dress. This style really accentuates her curves. Sharapova’s dress looks a bit like lingerie. In all white, she needs a splash of color.

  5. Even though it’s essentially the same dress as her French Open dress except in white, I like Serena’s dress.

  6. I like Venus’s dress it reminds me of the classy cloths she used to design for Wilson leathers when she was a teenager!


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