Maria Sharapova, who “won’t talk to anybody”, passes first-round test at Wimbledon


Maria Sharapova opened her 11th Wimbledon campaign with a 7-6(5) 6-3 victory over Kristina Mladenovic, former junior Wimbledon runner-up. In what was their first career meeting, lasting one hour and 42 minutes, there was only one break of serve, by Sharapova, in the second set for a 3-1 lead. The first set was a nail-biter, but Sharapova kept her record of never having lost the first set in the first round of Wimbledon intact. Next for the Russian will be Melanie Oudin or Michelle Larcher De Brito.

Meanwhile, British world No.56 Heather Watson had something to say about the unfriendly behavior of the biggest stars in the locker room, putting in the same basket the recently conflicted Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams, while also adding Agnieszka Radwanska to the list of unsociable players.

I don’t think it’s to do with being younger. I think it’s based on ranking. Especially the top three and four in the world won’t talk to anybody. Victoria Azarenka does say hello but the other three make an effort not to.

That’s what they do, that’s just how they operate. They don’t want to give you anything, no weakness, nothing. I don’t see it as a weakness. Fair enough, don’t talk while you’re playing, fine. But off the court we’re still human beings. You do need to be ruthless but I don’t think you need to blank everybody.

Just as Serena apologized to Sharapova, more fuel is added to the lovely WTA relations. 🙂 (quote via Beyond the Baseline)


  1. It doesn’t surprise me that Serena and Maria are stand-offish, but it does surprise me that Azarenka isn’t so much, and it does very much surprise me that Aga is (apparently) a bit so. I suppose one reads quite a lot about their friendships and relations off-court that one forgets they’re just human beings, and competitive athletes to boot. Eh, life.

  2. What is the problem if some players say hello or not?? Let them be the way they want to be! Why there’s always criticism about things that have nothing to do with tennis or let me ask you heather, are you going to die if Maria or Serena don’t say hello or goodbye to you? Be focused on what’s important, your tennis!!! and maybe someday you will be as great as them, don’t be ridiculous!

  3. Ok, say hello, but why should they talk to anyone? What does she expect? I mean if somebody, like Heather went to these players i’m sure they wouldn’t turn their back on her. But I don’t think they have to start conversation with anyone just because it’s polite.

  4. I get the impression that the sense of decorum comes from the top.

    Supposedly the WTA was collegial under Wozniaki’s reign. But she didn’t win and we all b!tched. Now we have a champion at the top of the house who feeds off of her sense of untouchableness.

    The ladies can’t win.

  5. I thought that Agawould be social. At least she is seems to be Woz’s best friend on the tour and also seems to be pretty good friends with Kerber..

  6. By the way, does anyone have any information why has Wozniacki changed her racket to that black one?

  7. Tenniz-fan, here’s the quote from SI from seven days ago:

    Her arrival to grass also sees a significant equipment change. Sponsored by Yonex since 2011 (she had played with a Babolat stick for her entire career until then), Wozniacki took the court Tuesday with a blacked-out racket. She’s still using the same strings as she has in the past, but she’s hoping the new racket will help her generate more spin and power. However, she says the move isn’t related to her dismal clay season.

    “I’m just tinkering a little bit with my racket,” Wozniacki said. “I’m still under contract with Yonex, so we’re just trying to figure out, a racket that can help me a little bit more with my game. … I just feel like I needed a little bit more power and the racket will help.”

  8. Well,only those who did not like her as a slamless no.1 complained about Wozniacki. Serena feeding off her sense of untouchalbeness? Hmm, this was more aimed at Sharapova,imo.


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