L’Etoile Sport: new brand for luxury tennis and golf clothes


Recently I discovered L’Etoile Sport, a new clothing brand that specializes in making luxury and unique tennis and golf apparel inspired by the glamorous 1920s and the style of French tennis star Suzanne Lenglen (if you’re not acquainted with the tennis fashion from the past, here you can see what Lenglen was wearing).

There are numerous producers of activewear, but L’Etoile Sport undoubtedly stands out with their retro style perfectly adapted to modern trends, while you don’t even have to touch the items to realize that they are made from sophisticated materials.

In the above three photos you can see L’Etoile Medea Lace Stitch Dress, made from Italian yarn, while below on the first model you can see the Pointelle Crew Neck lightweight knit and yellow Pleated Skort and on the second model the Pique Yesim Dress with loose top, pleated skirt and a banded waste.

Given that L’Etoile nurtures traditional aesthetic, they made sure to make each design available in white.

Besides dresses, tops and skirts, L’Etoile collection features matching bras and shorts.

Do you like the idea of retro-inspired tennis clothing? I’m always for new brands which really bring something authentic to the tennis fashion world. As you can guess, these sophisticated looks come at a price, but if you want to wear high-quality clothes that no one else has, the investment is well worth it.



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