Marion Bartoli’s happy smile makes up for her fashion letdown at the Wimbledon Champions’ Dinner


Sunday evening, just hours after the men’s singles Wimbledon final, the 2013 ladies’ singles champion Marion Bartoli attended the Wimbledon Champions’ Dinner at InterContinental Park Lane Hotel in London and posed with the prestigious Venus Rosewater Dish.

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Looking at Bartoli’s unflattering shoes and the tight dress with weird cuts in the sleeves that seem to suggest that her arms were too fat and couldn’t fit in, it’s obvious that the Paris Fashion Week is not high on the Frenchwoman’s list of priorities, but that doesn’t mind as no one can take her out of the elite club of Wimbledon champions, which she deservingly joined with a determined performance in the final, not giving her opponent Sabine Lisicki room to breathe.

Men’s singles champion Andy Murray also attended the event and had only the words of praise for Bartoli:

She’s a very, very nice girl. I’ve spent little bits of time with her over the last few years. She works extremely hard. A lot of people kind of questioned her sort of methods, the ways that she plays. I was really, really happy for her that she managed to win yesterday. I’m sure she’ll be good fun tonight. She’s a funny girl.

Absolutely no one expected Bartoli to win the title, and even in the final much more people tipped Lisicki as the favorite. Even the social media stats show the evident greater popularity of Lisicki: according to BBC, during Wimbledon Bartoli’s official Facebook page attracted 18,412 “likes”, while Lisicki’s received 290,000, that’s almost 16 times more! Congratulations, Bartoli, for surprising us all and proving most people wrong! (via Beyond the Baseline)


  1. Fashion is bunk anyway; the resort of the superficial for whom image is more important than substance. I wanted her opponent to win but delighted for Bartoli

  2. Congratulations to Bartoli, who was my sentimental favorite after Serena lost to Sabine. But, Marija, I think your criticism of her dress and “fat looking arms” are unnecessary and irresponsible as Marion is a prime example of not fitting the cookie cutter mold of Maria Sharapova or your beloved Ana Ivanovic. It does a disservice to all the women who do not look like them or are built like athletic wafes. She is the Wimbledon champion and I think that’s what the focus should solely be on.

  3. Marion’s outfit on its own is not that bad, I just think she could have found something more elegant to wear to the Wimbledon ball

  4. Mixed emotions. I have never criticized how a specific person looks. I only say positive things about what I like about a person.

    Like Des Platt, I think very little of fashion. But I recognize that my opinion resides on an island in a sea full of those that do.

    I take this meaning. Marion’s outfit was a perfect statement. It states the following:

    Love for her body as it is. Instead of hiding her curves, she presents them. Boldly. And she should.

    Love for her ability to exercise difference. Exhibit #1: Those boots.

    I’m Petey Detruse. The Black American man who if elected president would pressure congress to declare a day in celebration of Jelena Jankovic’s body. I’m an expert in women’s bodies. Here’s the truth:

    Marion is hot. Real women with real curves are to be celebrated. As a fan of the sport I respect physical conditioning and am disposed to give more support to the player whose work in the gym and dinner table is greater — as evidenced by their body. This is about respecting one’s sport and oneself. Doing the physical work adds another advantage in the pursuit, which a professional in any endeavor will do.

    At the same time, genetics is a real factor. Not all women or men will get to a Sam Stouser physical form no matter how hard they train.

    Marion did show that she is nonetheless strong and up to the physical requirements of the moment. And the beauty of wearing that dress is that she is stating outright that I don’t need 6% body fat and a Miss Fitness physique to hold this trophy. Or to wear this dress.

    I want women to be fit to live in health, and as a secondary objective to win some trophy’s. When the first objective is met, any failure to look like Miss Fitness is experienced by women as another reason to feel as though they are lacking. That’s where I draw the line.

    Me and Marion between the sheets? I’ll wear her out like a AA battery hooked up to the main bus in an AIM-120 missile. She’s hot — here, now and in that dress. Especially since after I’m done with her we can talk about something other than how many hits she’s getting on her twitter account (yeah, I’m talking to you Sloan).

    Congratulations to Marion. If you were holding up a serving plate in a French kitchen store instead of the Wimbledon trophy, I’d still stare a hole through that dress.

    That aside, go JJ!!!

    That’s Jelena Jankovic. The leader in women’s tennis.

  5. Marion looks amazing. Love the look. Never conventional, never the shy and retiring flower. Love her attitude – on and off the court. up yours, Inverdale!


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