Hingis tests possible comeback by playing doubles at Southern California Open


The newly-inducted Hall of Famer Martina Hingis is sort of unretiring from tennis, by entering the doubles competition at the Southern California Open. Maybe the reason behind the decision is simply publicity, for her apparel brand Tonic has become the official clothing partner of the tournament.

The 32-year-old Hingis will be making her first WTA tournament appearance since September 2007 and it seems that the July 27 – August 4 event will be just a starting stop for the relaunching of Hingis’ career.

My competitive spirit is still very much alive and I love being out on court. The tournament at Onmi La Costa Resort and Spa is the perfect place for me to start.

Hingis’ doubles partner will be Slovakian Daniela Hantuchova. (photo: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. Yes!

    Martina is yet another hot tennis babe. She’s not as hot as Jelena The Body Jankovic, but she is cute.

    And her game, her style of play is good for women’s tennis. Wouldn’t it be great to see her play Agnieska? What a match that would be!

    I love the fact that tennis is a sport where people are playing at higher ages. A sport that can create interest and drama WITHOUT life threatening or debilitating injury is good for the people.

    That is not to say that tennis doesn’t produce its share of injuries. Martina retired because of foot injuries. But relative to other sports it is much healthier.

    I hope Martina returns.

    (Go JJ!)

  2. Martina pulling another Farve. I like to see players playing at older ages like Date-krum. but that is for another time and place. haven’t seen a lot of Hingis’s matches, but I do remember her title match against Puchy in kolkota

  3. I don’t understand: isn’t Martina the coach of Pavlyunchekova? How can she combine this with her return to the courts?

  4. Mary, she won’t play all the time, for sure. If she plays more than once, it will at most be occasionally, I believe.

  5. She must be out of her mind. She might feel like she has the fire to compete, but the girls on tour now are more than capable of easily beating Martina in straight sets.

  6. Warchild, I don’t think she’s out of her mind. She will occasionally play just for pleasure and to market her Tonic line. It’s a good move.


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