Ana Ivanovic poses for Rolex


Ana Ivanovic posed for famed fashion photographer Norman Jean Roy to make promotional material for her sponsor Rolex. Ivanovic has been partnered with the luxury watch manufacturer since May 2008. Have a look at Ivanovic in Rolex’s 2008 campaign.

Ivanovic’s official website also posted the behind-the-scenes material from the shoot. In the photo below Ivanovic is interacting with Indian musician Anoushka Shankar.


  1. Wonderful, beautiful girl. Wondering how they managed to get her to look so old. I guess they’re targeting the old folks to buy Rolexes?

  2. Tosin, I don’t think she looks old, maybe you have that impression because her clothes are more serious, which matches the elegance and class of the brand.

  3. In the top 2 photos she does look like she is her in early 30’s. The clothes are nice though. I also wonder if she actually wears a Rolex on a daily basis.


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