Ana Ivanovic signs with Rolex

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World No.2 Ana Ivanovic has signed a worldwide endorsement contract with Rolex, the leading Swiss watchmaker.

Ivanovic will from now on match her Rolex watch with her adidas shoes and clothing, while she’s driving her Verano Motors‘ Peugeot with her Yonex racquet in the back seat, and simultaneously with all that she’ll be taking Juice PLUS+. Yeah, these are all Ivanovic’s sponsors, and the Serbian princess is on a good way to take over Siberian princess Maria Sharapova in sponsorship deals.

Ivanovic, who will be the only female tennis player to serve as an ambassador for Rolex, is flattered to be interesting to such a reputable brand.

“I’m very happy to be partnering with Rolex,” said Ana. “It’s one of the most prestigious companies in the world and it feels good that they have shown confidence in me by offering me this contract. I will enjoy wearing Rolex watches on and off the court.”


  1. so glad that she finally got her first non-sport world class brand sponsorship. As much as I love Ivanovic 100 times more than the Siberian ice princess, Sharapova is still a whole lot more marketable than Ivanovic: the blonde thing, the style thing, the too-cool-for-school thing….

    And Rolex is so much bigger than Tag!! I can afford a Tag but I don’t think I will be buying a Rolex in the foreseeable future. Let’s see who will get the first cosmetic deal….

  2. you tennis losers are so hung up on the blonde thing. There are many blondes who have NEVER had endorsement offers. Navratilova, Kuzzy, Henin, Kim
    Clijsters, dokic, pierce,coetzer, dementieva etc. All these players are either champions or good players who are very popular in certain regions yet have NOT ever been part of a big promotion campaign either the the wta tour, or the big sports agencies or federations.

    Tennis marketing has more to do with who agents like. If you’re liked they build you up to pitch to the ad world for outside endorsent$$. It has LITTLE to do with actually being popular & having a HUGE fan following that will actually buy sponsor products. Shame because this is the true meaning of “marketablility” The business practices of chosing to put huge marketing campaigns around the girls who have favorable p”relationships” with key execs/agents behind the scenes is the real reason why womens’s tennis is no longer a marquee sport. THE WRONG young women get the huge promotion BUT they FAIL TO BECOME “GLOBAL” attractions” (the purpose of a huge marketing campaign) This includes the Williams sisters too. Just because you are a champion doesn’t mean you are marketable. PEOPLE HAVE to really like you. These females are global failures. Tennis is a global sport & it needs to market females who can become global stars. From the earlier decade women’s tennis had Graf, Seles, Sanchez-vicario & Hingis as these stars aged & retired the tour failed. BECAUSE THE wta TOUR chooses to promote players using a very unprofessional criteria. You can hate a players guts but if she’s marketable you suck up your feeling & promote her because it’s good for the game and your bottom line. It’s business–not a feel good exercise in personal taste which is what’s happening today. The so called sports marketing experts are bull crap. I worked in marketing my entire life I know some of these statements are pure bunk. Marketing worthless players of the Kournikova mold. Anna was never a global star she was a marketing joke a fad from agent Tony godsick who destroyed women’s tennis. Dokic was the anti kournikova & she was potentially far more marketable. There has to be a story. None of the players today have this but ms. dokic. her time is passed though. Wasted opportunity career was devasted by mgmt and agents repping other players & wta exec board.


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