Tennis couple alert: Dominika Cibulkova dating Gael Monfils

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Love between the ATP and WTA is on the rise. Slovakian women’s tennis player Dominika Cibulkova and French ATP player Gael Monfils are dating. Their relationship began in Miami, and ever since they’ve been inseparable.

Currently the world No.31 Cibulkova and her boyfriend, ranked 59th in the world, are playing mixed doubles together at the French Open. Also, Monfils was spotted in Cibulkova’s box during her singles match against third seed Jelena Jankovic at Roland Garros. Before, in April, Monfils was seen supporting Cibulkova at the Fed Cup tie between the Slovak Republic and Uzbekistan which took place in Bratislava.

The 19-year-old Cibulkova is not the first tennis player Monfils has been linked to, before the cute Slovakian there was Frenchwoman Alize Cornet.


  1. Ivan is a sick person. Racist, sad, pathetic, ignorant. There will be always interacial relationship whether you like it or not. Saddo

  2. Big Shot deserves to have a full life w/out us digging into his affairs. After all, it’s the way he slides, dips, sprints and beats the living doo doo out of opponents that makes me notice his good qualities (arms, thighs and the rest). His on-court performance is a topic worth pondering. Do you like the way he whipped Becker’s butt a few minutes ago?

  3. Gael Monfils you need to adopt and change the way how you play, if you want to advance and improve your game, you just need to change, you are playing too far pass the baseline or serve line, because you play so far pass the baseline you have to cover too much ground, and that is what is burning out too much of your energy, and you are playing too defensive you need to attack and keep the game short, you need to serve and valley a lot more, also you need to come into the net more often you are doing too much running up and down you need to keep the game short and attack and go for winner.

  4. Jim, in the four years of the existence of my blog I deleted maybe five comments (not including spam), those that I don’t even consider “a speech”, but rather meaningless and badly-articulated expressions of hatred or something similar. I may also made mistakes in my judgment sometimes…

  5. Lloyd; Besides your incoherent rambling, you seriously need help in spelling and punctuation. When you write and the world sees it, this is a shining moment to show off your learning skills. Now if English is not your primary language, I understand and it’s okay. If it is your primary language, it’s time for you to review spelling, grammar and punctuation. I do all the time. I have a workbook just for that. Happy 2018!!


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