Redvanly – the new name in tennis fashion aiming to become the premier sports brand


One of Women’s Tennis Blog’s specialties are reviews of tennis fashion and we’re glad to present you a new brand called Redvanly, which is striving to become the best choice in athletics, to surpass all the competition. Andrew Redvanly, who founded the tennis and golf apparel company in Jersey City, NJ in the summer of 2013, sent me their purple Essex Crew for review and my first impression is that the classy look is accompanied by superb material.

The Redvanly brand is powered by those who compete, inspire, and never settle.

Besides ensuring good fit and modern style, Redvanly launched a performance-enhancing fabric that is a blend of hydrophobic/synthetic “water-hating” Polyester and natural/hydrophilic “water-loving” TENCEL. The two work together to take the sweat away from the skin and push it to the outside of the fabric where it will evaporate.

Redvanly believes in never sacrificing.

The Essex Crew price is $75, while the women’s collection currently also includes Thompson Tank, Barrow Polo, Morris Polo and York Polo. When you go through the Redvanly offer, you will see that their clothes are not too feminine, not just your typical purple and pink, but rather a fashion-forward sporty look working for your comfort. Are you a fan?

Besides their official website, Redvanly also posts on Facebook and Instagram. (photos by Marija Veljkovic)


  1. Personally, I wouldn’t buy this… At least not for any matches, maybe for training sessions. The clothes just look too much like regular fitness or golf pieces imho. And for training sessions the pieces will most likely be way too expensive.


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