Vinqui Sports Jewelry – silver tennis earrings, pendant and bracelet

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If I continue like this, I will become a full-time model, in my late twenties! You never know where life will take you! 🙂 Anyways, I was contacted by a sports jewelry company called Vinqui and they proposed to send me some of their items for review and promised to provide me with more items to later give away to my readers, so I couldn’t turn them down. 🙂

As always, I picked the pieces I liked the most from their tennis collection, and those are: Volley EarringsPartners Pendant and Opposing Racquets Bracelet.

The silver Volley Earrings feature cute small tennis racquets dangling on a short string, while in the base of the earring there is a discreet ruby, or alternatively a diamond.

The Partners Pendant consists of two separable silver racquets set with a half heart-shaped pink ruby and a small diamond in the base of both racquet handles. The pendant can also be worn by one person, as the racquets can be interlocked and attached to each other.

The silver Opposing Racquets Bracelet has two tennis racquets and a small ruby representing a tennis ball. There is also a version of this bracelet with a diamond instead of a ruby.

Would you like to possess something from the Vinqui tennis jewelry collection? Stay tuned, soon I will organize a giveaway and you will be able to win Vinqui jewelry! 🙂


  1. Liz, then stay tuned! I’ll be giving away three valuable gift certificates for shopping Vinqui jewelry! I’m planning to organize the giveaway in about 2 weeks. I’ll see…


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