End of romance: Ivanovic says “It’s over” to her new boyfriend


Ana Ivanovic

Just days after their relationship went public and after about three months of dating (initially we thought that they hooked up a month ago), Ana Ivanovic called her boyfriend Ivan Paunic and said “It’s over”. According to Blic, the breakup happened two days ago, on Tuesday afternoon.

The basketball player, who had shared his emotions about Ana on Twitter, is blaming the media for the breakup.

One relationship has been ruined. Ana and me are no longer together. And all because of the media.

Paunic informed the news source about the unfortunate unfolding of events over the phone from Spain, while Ivanovic’s close friend confirmed the information. Moreover, Ivanovic unfollowed Paunic on Twitter, while he deleted his tweets about her.

The relationship has been heavily publicized in Serbia and even a tragic family story about Paunic’s estranged father not only surfaced, but was elaborated in detail. (photo: Jimmie48)


  1. Emman Damian, I’m reading in the news that she’s now in Belgrade, without Basti, as he has professional obligations. I saw some paparazzi pics.

  2. Oooohh that’s why she posted something on Instagram that she’ll be on a vacation. Maybe some commitments as well. I also read that she’ll be playing in US on September for Greenbrier Champions Tennis Classic. She’ll face Venus Williams.

  3. Where have I been? I thought Anna and that guy got married, then she retired from tennis. I’m quite shocked! Oh well, I wish the gorgeous one well.

  4. Okay, now after commenting, I see this article is as old as dirt (dated 2013)! I think I might be right about beautiful Anna presently being a married woman. Why is this old boyfriend article still up and the one about Venus being engaged to the golfer? Can’t you take them (and other old ones that aren’t factual anymore) down, Marija?

  5. TheRealDeal, this one is about Ana’s former boyfriend. I don’t delete any of my articles, but I purposefully have date tags right below the title. Whenever I read something online, I always look for the publishing date. There are people looking for older articles.


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