Caroline and Rory back together? Reunion at golf tournament in Dubai!

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Exactly a month ago the news was out that one of the biggest power couples in sport had ended their relationship, but now we’re getting big hints of a reconciliation, or a sprinkle of doubt that they had never even broken up, as Caroline Wozniacki was spotted supporting Rory McIlroy during the first round of the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai. The Dane smilingly followed the golf star around the Jumeirah Golf Estates today.

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Here’s how Rory commented on his ex-girlfriend’s presence:

It was nice. She started her pre-season a couple of days ago and was on court this morning at seven o’clock. So she got some practice in before coming to see me. It’s good to have her here.

Also, Caroline yesterday tweeted a photo of Rory playing tennis with her, saying “Feels good to get back at it! Even @McIlroyRory put some good work in”:

Rory playing tennis

(source: The Guardian)


  1. I remember too that i’ve read she denied it, i think she did it in a danish newspaper, but i’m not sure about that.


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