Sabine Lisicki stirs German public by dating Oliver Pocher


Just as players, I’ve been enjoying this off-season, focusing on the light tennis-related topics such as overviews of fashion in the season behind us, announcements of outfits for 2014 and the abundance of new relationships/marriages in the WTA world. Readers are often sending me hints about news from the love lives of women’s tennis players and the latest were tips from Patricia and Nicole who told me about the boyfriend of Sabine Lisicki, who was kind of made official on Saturday, during the Berlin Fundraising Gala.

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Who’s the guy? Oliver Pocher, a German comedian. According to the information I received from a reader from Germany, the guy is not good news and a lot of Sabine’s German fans were shocked. His reputation is kind of a “walking image-damage”, as my reader told me, and he was married to the ex of Boris Becker.

Oliver Pocher and Sabine Lisicki raising funds

The fundraising event Ein Herz für Kinder (A Heart for Children) in Berlin was the first time that Sabine and Oli officially appeared together in public, posing arm-in-arm for photographers and sitting together behind the donation phones. Before, there were many hints of their romance, as I was told by the reader: Oliver bought one of Sabine’s racquets at a charity auction, he watched her train in Florida and seemed to be very familiar with her parents, he posted pics of them chilling at a pool in Australia, and so on.



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