Closer look at Ivanovic’s new Adidas dress + Wozniacki’s Stella for Australian Open 2014

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I few days ago we got a sneak peek at Ana Ivanovic’s Adidas Adizero dress for the upcoming Australian Open, but only a promotional photo in which we couldn’t see the dress in detail, especially as the back part was not visible. Now I’ve come across close-up images of Ivanovic’s dress, as well as of the item Caroline Wozniacki is expected to wear at the first Grand Slam of the season and subsequent tournaments.

Ana Ivanovic's Australian Open 2014 dress

I am glad to see that Ivanovic’s Adizero dress features orange contrast and the lovely futuristic geometric pattern in the back. I was waiting to see the dress from all angles and now I can give my final verdict – absolute hit! I am a big fan of color blue for the Australian Open and the mesh in the back inspired by diamond harlequin pattern makes the dress powerful, unique and modern. The orange bra underneath gives the item just enough pop of color.

BUY: The dress is now available at Tennis Warehouse.

Caroline Wozniacki's Australian Open 2014 dress

Caroline Wozniacki will wear this new Adidas by Stella McCartney dress at the 2014 Australian Open. Yellow is another color which perfectly matches the Australian sun, but I’m afraid it is all that this dress got right. :/  The print is simply “yikes”, the upper, sporty section with wide colorful straps looks good, but the skirt took the wrong track in every sense. Maybe I am still under the impression of Wozniacki’s disastrous 2013, so I’ll give this item the benefit of the doubt until I see it in action. What do you guys think? There is also a light blue version of the dress, without the print, and it looks much better, if not great!

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  1. So very enjoyable this Women’s Tennis Blog. Thank you, Marija for all those pleasurable moments you provide for us fans and all the regular updates!

    Well, I do like Anna´s new Adidas dress and very much look forward to seeing her wear it. As for Caroline´s possible choice, I find that – finally – this is a good looking dress for her. I have not been so keen on her selections in the past, especially that US Open dress and the space jacket. This dress looks sporty and romantic at the same time and I like the soft colors on the print.

    But then everyone has their own taste. I like a feminine touch such as on the dresses Camila Giorgi’s mother creates, or also Venus and Jelena Jankovic have worn some gorgeous feminine and romantic looking patterns that, nevertheless, looked sporty enough.

  2. Liz, yes, the bra comes with matching orange shorts.

    Michaela, wow, thank you! I’ve just said it to Liz on FB, I find this Caroline’s dress better than the US Open dress as well, and if the ruffles were not there, I could have even liked it. Like this, however, it looks like a total mess to me, but I’ll still give it a chance, I’ll give myself some time to digest it. As you may have noticed, my favorite women’s tennis line is Adidas Adizero. Venus’ 2013 was her best year so far when it comes to fashion, JJ was OK but not extraordinary. Camila was wearing Denise Cronwall (Florida-based designer) at a number of tournaments and the romantic lace suits her perfectly.

  3. I would like to see Caro’s dress in action. On that picture, it looks amazing, but I don’t know if will work on her. Ana’s one is beautiful, as always

  4. Ana’s dress looks fantastic! I love the see-through back and the waterfall collar! Will there be an orange shorty with it, just like the bra?

    Concerning The Stella dress… There’s something about it that makes me want to try it on. It looks kind of vintage (70’s), but I’m not sure how it will work out on court, though… The top reminds me of a sports bra… That’s for sure. And the color of the elastic parts of the top (so not the striped straps) seems as if they have been put into a washing machine too many times or with stuff other than white….

  5. McCartney’s design for Caro is wonderful all right,… It only misses a couple of long tassels, hanging from the centre of each breast and circling hither and thither as Caro moves about the court.

  6. Brenda, you think it looks amazing? Wow! I’m glad not everyone hates the dress, it’s nice to have different opinions here.

    Jean, agree. On Kirilenko it might look good, but on Wozniacki, no no.

    Tulp, hahaha you’re hilarious but you got it straight to the point!

  7. Well yes, seeing it in action will make all the difference Brenda. Maybe then I’ll change my mind…

    Adizero was definitely the biggest hit for me too and I totally agree on Venus 2013, Marija. Especially liked the nice soft colors of her Aussie Open Cross Court dress (not so much the tank combination). Did not like the Miami dress, whereby the Tie-Dye print looks OK with the navy skort. Also quite appealing the Python and above all US Open (a bit shocking but full of flair). Don’t care for the Roland Garros V-Neck.

    For JJ I meant her 2011 collection. Favorites are Roland Garros and then Charleston. Yellow US Open OK too (not everyone could wear that).

    Nice stuff from Denise Cronwall for Camila. Now that you say that I saw it on Mona Barthel also.

    What a way to to look forward the next season… Thank you!

  8. Michaela, good observation! Mona Barthel is officially wearing Denise Cronwall (and is the only such player on the WTA Tour), while Camila just used to wear it (unofficially!) and is not wearing it any more, although she still follows similar style.

  9. Tennis bg, thanks for sharing. The style of that shirt and skirt don’t even match. I like the color of the skirt, though.

  10. Ana’s dress is fabulous! but wozniacki’s top just ruines the whole dress! those straps and then the bra zone are so ugly and they don’t match the rest of the dress at all IMO! i don’t get what’s going on with woz dresses lately, they’re just so ugly! the last one i tolerated was the wimbledon one

  11. Regina, I actually think the top is the better part of that dress, provided that it doesn’t have some tassels or whatever in the back 😀

  12. oooh – not sure about the yellow dress. Will have to reserve judgment until I see Caroline in it but not a big fan of the print. Maybe it’ll look good against the blue of the Australian Open courts.

  13. really? i wans’t a big fan of the top but as GlamSpin Tennis said maybe it’ll look good against the aussie blue courts but I highly doubt it xD anyone have any idea of what masha will be wearing? i cant wait to see *.*

  14. Regina, it’s still not available, not even the sketches, but be sure that Women’s Tennis Blog will be among the first to show it.

  15. maybe if kirilenko will wear that yellow dress, she can give that dress a justice,coz she has a great figure and girlyness and i dont know about wozniacki, will look awful on her.

  16. Carlie, unfortunately Makiri won’t play in Australia because She’s injured 🙁
    Marija: Thanks for sharing this. As soon as you can please show us about Nike. 99% of probability that Nike will have a champion, because Vika, Serena or perhaps Maria have among all the chances to get the title

  17. Carli, we all agree, but tough luck.

    Tennisfan, I’ll surely share the new Nike staff as soon as I get hold of it 🙂

  18. Tennisbg, thank you for the updates. I saw it earlier on Tennis Forum that Maria and Serena are predicted to wear those outfits and I can’t believe that Maria would wear long shorts. :/ BTW, I’m sorry that your comments were detained in the spam filter for so long, it was because of the excessive links.

  19. [links expired]
    Hopefully I’m wrong about Maria and Serena, but adidas for Kirilenko and Andrea looks really nice

  20. The new Adidas dress designed by Stella McCartney dress at the 2014 Australian Open for Caroline Wozniacki is Superb. The colorful straps looks great and the skirt matches the strap making it beautiful to look at.

  21. I have seen many girls wearing ana’s dress, or the version with the orange skirt
    belinda bencic (sui)
    daniela hantuchova
    johanna larson

    four girls wearing this dress so far!

  22. I LOVE Wozniaki’s Stella McCarthy dress. It moves well and looks just great. I wouldn’t have gotten to this site through a web search if I didn’t like it so much.

  23. Milli, I changed my mind about the dress when I saw it in action. It is one of the best pieces and moves and photographs very well.


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