Michaella Krajicek found the love of her life in Martin Emmrich


Wow, not that it’s off-season and I’m having more time to focus on off-court news, I’m bumping into information about new tennis couples almost every day! Now I’ve just learned that Michaella Krajicek is dating German ATP player Martin Emmrich, thanks to the tweet she posted moments ago.

Michaella’s career was heavily affected by injuries and illness in 2012 and 2013, but now she’s set to play Auckland and the Australian Open (even Hobart maybe) and she’s found “the love of her life”. What more can one ask for!

Michaella and Martin in Cologne
Michaella and Martin in Cologne

I tried to check since when the two have been together, and on the Wikipedia page about Michaella I found that they’ve been dating since September 2013. The relationship may be quite fresh, but the 24-year-old Michaella is not shy about sharing her love. She often calls Martin “her man” and uses the hashtag “proud girlfriend” when mentioning her 29-year-old boyfriend.


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