Nike celebrates Li Na’s triumph: “Dare to aim higher than the sky”


Li Na - Nike - Just Do It

Back in 2011 Li Na became Asia’s first Grand Slam champion when she won the French Open and now with the Australian Open title added to her biography the power of the tennis star to increase the popularity of the sport in her native China is even greater (this year China will host five WTA events, including one in Li’s hometown of Wuhan, while in 2012 there were just two WTA events in China). Nike is of course always ready to leverage on success of their athletes and has had a campaign “Dare to aim higher than the sky” ready for their representative Li.

Li’s winning outfit

The highest-ranked Asian player ever, who has been with Nike since 1997, said:

Dare to aim higher than the sky’ means daring to set higher expectations for myself. I believe where there is determination, there will be self-transcendence. Dare to make a breakthrough and dare to challenge all is my call for our young generation. Self-transcendence is success.

Li wore a T-shirt printed with this message at post-match events, while the message is also included on Nike’s social channels and on the front pages of newspapers throughout China.

If you’re a fan of Li’s simple and sporty Nike look at the Australian Open, just grab Nike Pure Short Sleeve Top and Nike Unlined Woven Skirt and Solid Ball Short. If you want to wear Li’s clothes from head to toe, then also add NIKE Free TR 4, the magenta visor and wristbands to your wardrobe.

If you’re a fan of other brands as well, check out my overview of the 2014 Australian Open fashion. (source: Nike)


  1. So great for Na and for China and canny Nike. There is a chinglish ring to that slogan. i’ve always admired Na’s straightforward but stylish look on court. I like it so much more than those overdone and fussy dresses with cutouts and frills and furbelows.

  2. Rach, I have to admit I prefer the fussy dresses, especially at Grand Slams. I always look for something extraordinary, while for everyday life, Li’s outfits are better.


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