Jelena Jankovic back together with Mladjan Janovic


Jelena Jankovic is off the market again, but there’s no new man in her life – the Serbian tennis star reunited with her handsome Montenegrin boyfriend Mladjan Janovic, whom she had dated for four years before the September 2012 breakup.The news of the reconciliation reached the media when the couple was seen dining with friends at a restaurant in Italy. The restaurant’s official website features the photo proof, as Serbian media are reporting.

Jelena and Mladjan met at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and started dating soon afterwards. In a relatively recent interview, the 29-year-old Jankovic revealed that she would definitely like to start a family and have a baby before the age of 30. Will Mladjan be the man of her life?

Also according to the Serbian news source, it is possible that the couple had never even separated, rather, they launched the news of a breakup in order to divert the huge media attention from their relationship. I doubt that this is true, but OK.


  1. Is JJ so popular in Serbia that she had to release false information to divert media attention? I mean…. no disrespect to Jankovic fans….but she wasn’t exactly hot stuff in 2012!

  2. Karunya, as I said, I doubt that that is true. I think they really broke up back then.

    P!nky, oh your JJ is not available any more 😛

  3. I admit it is a dream of mine, but i knew realistically it was never going to happen. We shall see what happens to JJ in the rankings.


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