Interview with Redvanly tennis fashion athletes – Nicole Melichar and Denise Muresan

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Clothing has been increasingly important in sports, both in terms of style and performance. While leading brands have mastered the technology to make players feel comfortable and look good, there are new brands stepping in, with their unique vision of comfort and style, enriching the world of sports fashion to fit the needs of even the the most demanding athlete. One such new brand is Redvanly, founded in Jersey City, NJ in the summer of 2013, putting best materials and clean appearance as top priority. The clothes, knitted and stitched in the USA, ensure the best comfort and high-level performance with their blend of water-hating polyester and water-loving TENCEL®, which work together to pull sweat away from the body and to the outside of the fabric, where it dries faster.

Nicole Melichar
Nicole Melichar in Redvanly Essex Crew

I had a chat about the importance of the quality and looks of tennis clothing with Redvanly rising tennis stars, Czech-born Nicole Melichar, who has lived in Florida her whole life, and Denise Muresan, from Illinois and a graduate of the University of Michigan.

Denise Muresan
Denise Muresan in Redvanly Thompson Tank

Q: How important is it to you to look good on the court?

NICOLE: It is very important for me to look good on court because when I look good I feel more confident. I also feel it is important to look presentable because it shows more respect for the game. 

DENISE: I’ve always had a personal interest in fashion on and off the court, so to me it is important. As the saying goes, “dress for success”, and I think it applies to all areas of life. On court if I look good, I feel good and play with more confidence. Sometimes all you need is that extra edge to win a match.

Q: How much effect does high-performance tennis clothing have on a tennis player’s game?

NICOLE: High-performance clothing plays a big role in the game, especially in long matches. When I get sweaty and my clothes are sticky, they feel heavy and uncomfortable. But with Redvanly, the material dries so quickly that I never feel uncomfortable and can focus on just playing tennis.

DENISE: High-performance tennis clothing has a great impact on a player’s game. It is more comfortable to wear and therefore easier to compete in.

Q: What are the characteristics of Redvanly clothing that you appreciate the most?

NICOLE: I love the cut of the tanks and crews, and appreciate the quality of the material and how quickly it dries. Living and training in Florida it makes a huge difference.

DENISE: Redvanly clothing meets both standards of high performance and high fashion. It is extremely comfortable to play in and I know that it looks and fits great.

Q: Who do you consider top WTA tennis fashion icon?

NICOLE: I think Sharapova is probably the top WTA tennis fashion icon.

DENISE: I can’t really say that I can choose one top fashion icon. One thing that is great about tennis compared to other sports is that there are so many different options of clothing and styles, and that’s what I appreciate most. The variety and individuality of each player is so fun to see. I do love the Sharapova Nike line and the Stella McCartney Adidas line that Wozniacki wears.

Q: What are your career goals in the next three years?

NICOLE: I strive to be top 50 in both singles and doubles, with the motivation and determination to someday becoming #1 in the world.

DENISE: In the next three years my goal is to compete in the grand slams and consistently compete on the WTA tour events.

For a better insight into what Redvanly is about, visit their women’s tennis collection.


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