Baby Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli

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Baby Marion Bartoli with her fatherMarion Bartoli is still the reigning champion at Wimbledon and since she wasn’t defending her title at all, having retired last year just 40 days after her big triumph at the grasscourt Grand Slam, I decided to make a little tribute to the French champion by sharing this super cute baby pic, as Little Tennis Stars is one of reader favorite sections at Women’s Tennis Blog. You surely wouldn’t recognize her, but this is just months old Marion in the caring arms of her dedicated father Walter. Bartoli shared the photo on Twitter on June 15 for Father’s Day.

More childhood photos of Marion – little Marion receives a trophy, skis and cools off in a small pool

The 29-year-old Bartoli is enjoying her time away from tennis, not even thinking about return. The Frenchwoman is doing commentary for the BBC, designing jewelry and shoes, traveling and the fact that she can’t even lift her arm in the morning is not allowing her to have any comeback thoughts.

Still, she’s been enjoying these two weeks of Wimbledon, feeling the pride and honor of being engraved as a Wimbledon champion. Plus, some people are not even aware that she retired:

It was very funny, because people in France kind of don’t know that I retired. They are like, ‘Good luck for the French.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t think I’m going to play this year.’ It’s the same here at Wimbledon. I was in the Village this morning. ‘So how do you feel? ‘Do you feel it’s going to be hard to defend your title? ‘Uhm, not really, because I’m not going to defend it.’


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