Cramps stop Peng, Wozniacki makes US Open final

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WozniackiCaroline Wozniacki won broken three times in the US Open semifinal against Peng Shuai and even though she broke back each time to stay in the competition what determined the winner after of this grueling match were severe cramps that hit the Chinese.

The first to draw blood after a steady battle including six holds was Peng who broke Woziacki’s serve to lead 4-3. But the Chinese’s advantage was short-lived as Wozniacki broke back right away by winning the 22-shot rally when Peng’s forehand got long. It was actually Peng’s first loss of serve after a stretch of 40 straight holds! Yet again at 5-5 Peng broke Wozniacki and history repeated itself when Woz broke back while Peng was serving for the set and then raced through the tiebreak.

The second set was a real drama. For the third time in this match Peng broke and gave away the lead right afterwards. From 2-0 down, Wozniacki won four straight games. Peng then held to get closer, 3-4, and the drama started. Severe cramps got Peng to her knees and no determination could help her finish the match. Wozniacki won 7-6(1) 4-3.

Wozniacki is now awaiting the winner of the match between Serena Williams and Ekaterina Makarova. (photo: Jimmie48)


  1. She’d better (Carolina) be glad Peng cramped and didn’t recover, because Peng was likely going to put it to her and win the match. How’s about that Serena tonight against Makarova!!?? Wow, she’s looking so, so great! I just know she’s going to win this year’s US Open, as there’s no stopping her now. She’s playing beautifully and looking so confident. “Go, Serena! You make America look good, girl (as usual, the only American left standing). #18 is on the way; it’s yours…completely yours. Unstoppable, you are!” Now, America, please support your lone-standing American tennis player…the greatest female tennis player of all time – Ms. Serena Williams. By the way, thanks, Martina Navratilova, for your fair, excitable, and honest commentating on the Tennis Channel tonight. No present-day female tennis player can even compare to Serena, and her game and accomplishments are really something to boast about.

  2. @Real Talk: Peng didn’t cramp in the first set and it’s Caro who wins it…

    I was just watching again the drama on Tennis Channel. First, Martina and the other commentators don’t know the rule. When there is the heat rule in place, a player can be evaluated even if it’s cramp. The rule is DIFFERENT depending of heat condition is in place or not and that was the case for this semi-final. So the procedure that happened was completely correct. Secondly, the umpire Engzell showed us one more time that she’s not at the level AT ALL. She obviously didn’t know the rule and looked completely lost during the full episode.

  3. Congrats to Ms. Serena Williams, the 2014 US Open champion! That’s 3 US Opens in a row and #18 grand slam title, plus an extra million dollars to go along with the prize money. Love that bonus gift from Martina and Chrissie…gorgeous #18 bracelet from Tiffany’s! “I knew you’d do it, Serena. And, without a doubt, there’s more slams to come. You deserve it all.” Congrats to the Bryan Bros. as well! On with the Americans! Thanks to Bill McAtee and John McEnroe for your fair and enthusiastic commentating during Serena and Caroline’s match. Mary Carillo didn’t show an ounce of excitement when she did the court announcements, after Serena won the title. As usual, what’s up with that, Mary? Ms. Shriver would have been a better choice, if it had to be a female to do the honors. Nevertheless, eat your hearts out, all you naysayers. You must learn to give honor where honor is obviously due. This woman (Serena) makes the sport of tennis and the USA look mighty darn good! John McEnroe is a very wise man. He repeatedly states Serena is the best female tennis player of all time. He says that because she truly is. “God bless you, Serena, and God bless the USA!”


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