Serena continues to solidify her place in tennis history, beats Wozniacki for US Open 2014 title


Serena Williams won her third consecutive US Open title by brushing aside good friend Caroline Wozniacki 6-3 6-3 in the 2014 final. You know what, I can’t even count Serena’s titles any more, she doesn’t even need the stats, she’s by far the best in practically whichever department and that’s it.

Williams was the first one to take the lead, 2-0, and four more breaks later the top-seeded American was still one break up, 4-2. The first hold after five breaks was Serena’s, for 5-2, and even though in the following game she earned a set point, she took the set on her own serve in the ninth game. The winners count in the first set couldn’t be more lopsided: 15 to 1.

In the second set, Serena again started with a 2-0 lead, but this time no rebreaks took place. Actually, in the final game, Serena won the longest rally (26 shots) on Wozniacki’s serve and proceeded to win the big trophy on her first match point.

Serena’s fashion statement in the final: the black and white Nike Women’s Fall Serena Dress and leopard print wristbands. During the tournament the 18-time Grand Slam singles champion also wore the pink version.


  1. You said it Marija, she’s the best in every department. Even though there was a few breaks at the start of the match, it still never really felt as if Wozniacki could do anything to hurt Serena. It was nice to see Wozniacki back in another grand slam final, but the same weaknesses held her back today as they have several times against the better players. As good as she is at playing that style of tennis, I just can’t see Wozniacki winning a slam if she continues to play that way. There’s just not enough variety or power there. All credit to Serena though, I was delighted to see her pick up another grand slam title.

  2. Bróna, true, Serena is so solid that no one can come close to her, and that has lasted for ages. But if it had somehow turned out that Woz faced someone else in the final, she could have won.

  3. Serena played beautifully, though not with as much aggression as she did against Makarova. I suspect that was due to her so called off-court friendship with Carolina. I’d advise her to be very careful with that. Such a relationship can get into her head, and she certainly wouldn’t want it to throw her game off. However, I knew she’d win the title; she’s been dictating and dominating ever since the tournament began. That’s 3 consecutive US Open titles, history-making/record books #18 grand slam, an extra million in prize money, still #1 in the rankings, and 18-4 in grand slam finals, which the commentators failed to mention. It’s inevitable that she’ll surpass Stefi Graff’s 22 grand slams. She’s got a whole lot more to offer, and there’s certainly no stopping her now. She holds it down for America, and America should always be very proud and supportive of her. She’s undoubtedly the greatest female tennis player of all time, just as the great John McEnroe states repeatedly. All hail Queen Serena!

  4. When is a current tennis commentator/pundit going to publish a tell-all novel that reveals the off-court personalities of the current women on tour? I want to hear from Pam Shriver, Chrissie Evert, Mary Jo Fernandez and others what they think of today’s best female tennis stars in the context of models, character, personality, relationships with other players, etc. Instead of acting like empty-headed groupies, why don’t the commentators on here ask meaningful questions or inject value to the public discourse? It’s like reading “16” magazine from the 1960’s…pathetic. The biggest splash for the WTA at the US Open is Martina Navratilova proposing to a married woman on air? That’s a fairly revealing expose on what the media sees as value and import in covering one of the Slams. Take a look at SI Tennis… isn’t about the sport or athleticism…it’s all about the off-court nonsensical behavior, the bodies, the faces, the celebrity, etc. It’s sickening.


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