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Li Na drops big news: baby is on the way!

In September 2014 Li Na announced her retirement, revealing that one of her goals in the after-tennis life is to start a family. Having won the 2014 Australian Open title, the Chinese is among rare players in history not to return to Melbourne Park to defend her hard-earned trophy, actually the only one not to do that on account of retirement (stay tuned, we will have a detailed insight into this topic in a guest post soon), but she’s not wasting time, and neither is her husband.

A week before her nine-year marriage anniversary with Jiang Shan, Li traveled to the place of her big triumph and emotionally told the Rod Laver Arena crowd that she was pregnant and then jokingly added that Dennis “just made one ace”. The baby is arriving this summer. Congratulations!

7 replies on “Li Na drops big news: baby is on the way!”

Nicole, for sure, even Sharapova pointed out after her victory today how Li will be a great mom.

Tennis Island, she’ll certainly enjoy family life having traveled around the world for years.

Fantastic news! I think Li wants a girl. Marija, I am sure you will post the first baby pictures on your blog.

I laughed so hard when she said, He was good, he only place one ace. and i was like “Do you mean, Yall did it once and you were knocked up ” ?

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