Drama! Vika celebrates Genie’s early Antwerp loss on Twitter?

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Eugenie Bouchard was the top name of this week’s Diamond Games and the tournament was big for her in two major ways: because it was her first Premier-level event where she was seed No.1 and because it was her first tournament with new coach Sam Sumyk, former coach of Victoria Azarenka.

The tournament had been going on for days and we waited for so long for Genie to finally take the court, and now a stunner has happened — the biggest star of the even lost her opener! The 20-year-old fell to Mona Barthel 4-6 6-1 6-2. But the surprise didn’t end there.

Vika apparently hasn’t been keen on her coach’s decision to leave her for Genie and right after Genie’s upset the Belarusian tweeted:

Victoria Azarenka - Bouchard tweet

Drama alert! 😀

As one commenter said: “Either this is EPIC, or the timing is really, really wrong!”

Here’s what Bouchard said about the origin of her partnership with Sumyk on her arrival in Antwerp:

My fitness trainer, Scott, has been friends with Sam for a while now. They’ve both been on tour for a while. After the Australian Open was done, Scott found out that Sam wasn’t going to be working with Vika anymore, and he suggested we meet. The rest is history.

Stay with us, our photographer Jimmie48 is right there in Antwerp and soon he’ll post his today’s gallery and share his thoughts about Thursday at the Diamond Games.

UPDATE: Vika later tried to calm down the situation, but judging by the comments on Twitter it seems that the community is not really believing her explanation.

Victoria Azarenka tweet


  1. Zilman, look at the update I’ve just added to the post. Vika says she was watching “a movie” (not stating which one) and the tweet was supposedly referring to that. But I’ve read all the replies and people mostly don’t believe her explanation.

  2. I know she did it on purpose. Well, I have to be honest, eventhough it was not a “nice” thing to do, Vika was entitled to her own opinion. She could have kept it to herself but I guess she was on the peak of her emotions. So I’m tuning in what would be Genie’s response to this. I’m assuming she’ll tweet mean stuff directed to Vika and she’ll deny it as well. Oh I love the drama in women’s tennis. This makes it more spicier and juicier.

  3. Emman Damian, but then she should have stayed consistent with her statement and not deny it shortly afterwards. But you’re right, we all enjoy a bit of drama here and there 🙂

    Sabey, sure, but there are classier (although way less entertaining) ways to deal with it.

  4. Bouchard thinks by stealing Vika’s old coach she will be number 1 or win a grand slam. I think Vika is still upset about that. I don’t see grand slam or number 1 in the near future for her. All the players who was number 1 win tournaments and reach quarter or semi on an consistent basis. She has a top 10 rating by default with easy draw from grand slams . I can’t wait for Vika, Venus, Petkovic and Jelana to get back in the top 10 and send the fakers packing .

  5. Jade, well last year she reached two GS semifinals and one final, while at this year’s AO she made the quarters. Those are excellent results.

    Jim, hahaha definitely! 😉


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