Finally! Serena Williams shows her Roland Garros dress in a routine first-round win over Hlavackova


Serena Williams started her probably-long 2015 French Open run with a 6-2 6-3 victory over Czech Andrea Hlavackova. After storming to a 3-0 lead, Williams gave away two straight games to her opponent, maybe even a bit distracted by her own laugh that followed a clumsy move that resulted in Hlavackova’s ball hitting Serena’s body, but all in all the American recorded a straightforward win and safely moved into the second round. From 3-2 in the first set, Serena won six games in a row.

The Williams vs. Hlavackova match-up had not been awaited as a blockbuster first round, but tennis fashion lovers certainly longed to see what the top seed would end up wearing, as Nike had, for some unknown reason, been concealing the outfit of the No.1-ranked player. Anyways, now there’s no more room for speculation and this is the dress Williams sported in the first round of Roland Garros.

Serena Williams - French Open 2015 dress

Apparently, it’s very similar to Serena’s pink leopard US Open 2014 dress, only that this new dress has a solid-colored top part and elastic band racerback. However, we still haven’t seen the dress fully exposed in action, since the American wore a purple jacket over it, throughout her first-rounder.

Whatever the reason may be that Nike failed to make a decent pre-French Open promo of this item, what do you think of it now that you’ve finally seen it? 

UPDATE: Now I have additional information that further explains the lack of Nike advertising for the dress — the item had been globally dropped from retail even before Roland Garros. I just don’t understand why Serena is not wearing something else then, but alright.


  1. I like it. It’s simple but cute and the colors are nice. I wonder if Serena the diva insists on her outfits not being revealed until she plays.

  2. I always look forward to what Serena wears in the slams. I like the cut of thus dress although I don’t really like the color as it gets lost with the red clay. Would’ve had this in black.

  3. After a very beautiful and bold dress of Australian Open, this dress is quite below expectation for me. It’s still good but you know Serena deserve something much better.

  4. The cut looks as though it will be quite complimentary to Serena, however, the overall look feels like such a recycled version of her dress from the Us Open. I think there could have been a more interesting, however still functional, design for the players. Nike has left me wanting more so far this year. Part of the excitement of the Grand Slams for me, is how all of the major athletic labels unveil their new designs for their players; male and female. The mix of sport and fashion is such an interesting, exciting dynamic, which is why I love this blog so much!! HOw many more days until Wimbledon designs are released? lol

  5. Also, remember her dress at the Australian open was quite different to the one on sale at Nike’s website. Is there a chance we will see a bolder look on this dress too?

  6. Sabey, I don’t think it’s Serena excersizing a diva status, it has to do with some mistake by Nike. And judging by what we saw in the first round, I think that’s it, this dress looks like in these two closeup images.

    Aleyda, previously I thought that red, orange and pink tones are not good for the French Open, but an Adidas Adizero dress of a few years ago proved me wrong. Now I think that colors that blend tend to look awesome on red clay, if executed well.

    Kueyseyra, maybe Nike agrees and that’s why they will not even be selling this item haha.

    Brian, thank you, I’m glad to hear you like the mix of my posts! 🙂 I actually already have a bunch of sketches of Wimbledon looks! But I will not share them yet, probably after the French Open.

  7. Hey she wore a skirt similar to this at a charity event in Madrid open this year.At that moment I thought it was similar to Wozniaki’s skirt. But I think this red dress would have been a major hit at Australian open. I’m surprised they are not selling serena’s dress!!! I wonder what happened back stage and if there were other outfits they wanted her to wear at FO

  8. They pulled the strap/back switcharoo that they did with both Serena and Maria’s AO dresses. You could see the straps through her pullover, and they were the same straps as the Spring version of the strappy tank, as opposed to the elastic band shown above.

    Perhaps the leopard isn’t selling well with the club tennis ladies?

  9. I hear that the leopard is very popular! I seriously think this has something to do with the Diva status and not wanting anyone to wear the same dress at the tournament.

  10. I think she didn’t like it that’s why nike didn’t also promoted it prior to RG. It is cute but it lacks originality and that “edge” from other competitors. She is the World No. 1 player right now and she deserves better.

  11. KCatty, I also noticed a thin strap at back below her long-sleeve shirt, but still I thought that it was this elastic band sweat mark. So you think that the dress is not identical to this one shown in the closeup images?

    As for the leopard, I don’t think that low sales are the reason for Nike dropping the item from the line. I believe that leopard sells well enough, but I don’t have any official data.

  12. Once again the dress she wears is different to what was supposed to have been worn. Wonder what is going on.

  13. Serena looks great. BTW I love the outfits of the ball kids. The all black looks slick, and I do like the long socks on the ball girls. BTW, like Ivanovic’s all black look as well, but I thought she was going to wear the knee high socks along with it.

  14. Jim, I absolutely agree about the ball kids, the Y-3 collection is amazing. Maybe Ivanovic didn’t want to wear the long socks in order not to look like she’s copying Bethanie Mattek Sands. But the long socks are so cool, especially those black ones.

  15. She changed form the Purple tank to Orange one which looked much better. Its was subtle. I think she did it after the 3rd round. So don’t think she was entirely happy with dress. I liked it once she changed the tanks or sports bra what ever it ‘s called…Made it look more smooth and not so choppy. Check it out in gallery pics.

  16. Ichuse1, yes, we never saw Maria’s dress. That’s a huge pity. It’s because it was very cold in Paris and Maria was sick.

  17. Forward to US Open 2015 – what do you think of Serena’s outfit at this year’s competition? Our mouths fell open when we saw her playing Kiki Bertens. Surely a friend or family member could have advised her against this outfit.
    For example the skirt does not even cover her orange knickers – it is too short – and the orange knickers are not the most attractive part of the outfit!


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