Horror: Ana Ivanovic was at the Stade de France during terrorist attacks


Serbian media are reporting that Ana Ivanovic witnessed first-hand the deadly Paris terrorist attacks, having accompanied her footballer fiancé Bastian Schweinsteiger during a Germany vs. France friendly game in the French capital. On Friday night, the tennis star was supporting her soon-to-be-husband at the Stade the France, which turned out to be one of the targets of terrorists, as there were multiple explosions just outside the packed stadium, leaving three people dead and several more injured (total death toll in Paris now counts to at least 127). Our Ana is safe!

Just before the match, Ana’s fan posted this photo on Instagram, while Ana made no mentions of her horrible experience, she just tweeted her prayers for the victims.

Remember, Ana’s biggest career achievement happened in Paris seven years ago, the Roland Garros title.


  1. I’m sorry, but I think the horror is that all those people were killed, not that Ana happened to be nearby when it happened.

  2. Should I even stress how big of a horror it is that all those innocent people got killed? This blog is focused on women’s tennis players and I presented the news from that perspective. Ana was at the stadium which just by chance didn’t suffer horribly, as the attackers’ intentions were to get there and activate the bombs. The consequences in that way would have been much worse in terms of the number of victims.

  3. @claire There is a difference between feeling sorry for someone who lost their lives whom you never knew and knowing that someone you love was in danger. As marija said, this blog is about women’s tennis players and when i read that Ana was in stadium when that incident happened I was concerned about her .My comment in no way was negligent to the fact that so many innocent people killed by mindless cowards. While there are many other platforms where we can express our grief which I did, I was simply responding to the article. Don’t be so judgmental.

  4. It is very horrible what happened in Paris. Also very horrible about all the other major deaths in countries that never got any media attention is horrible too weather they were a terrorist attack or an accident. I am glad that Ana is okay and I hope these attacks don’t affect her mentally in the forth coming year. In my opinion ALL LIFE MATTERS.

  5. Ana has just been to Auckland, New Zealand, and on losing in the first round of the singles she withdrew from the doubles, having one the first round. Unless she was injured I feel this is very unfair of her as it costs quite a lot to get to the game, hotels and tickets etc., only to find that someone has withdrawn without saying why. Was it because she couldn’t be bothered after losing the singles? I am a fan of hers and if I couldn’t see her in the singles I was hoping to see her in the doubles.


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